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Planning to dump your traditional wireless service provider? Google just launched Project Fi

ByinAnnouncements | April 22, 2015

Fi NetworkFeeling fed up with your current wireless service provider and thinking about switching to another? This may be a perfect time to make a final switch decision, since the mobile service market has just gained another player. In line with recent speculation, Google has just announced to become a mobile carrier. Just today, the company officially introduced its wireless service plan called Project Fi aiming at the Nexus 6’s owners. So, if you lucky to own the Google’s latest smartphone, the new plan may be worth your consideration.

Project Fi offers money back for unused data

Google Fi ProjectBefore you break up with your current carrier, you must know that Google’s Project Fi is a strictly limited service. First of all, you don’t only have to be the owner of the Nexus 6, but also need to receive a special invitation from the new carrier. Google admits that at this point the service is available only as an early access program and at this stage won’t be compatible with other phone models.

Google’s new service is a quite pioneering initiative as the company won’t make you to purchase specific amounts of data and paying monthly fees. Instead, Google will charge customers only for the data they actually use. But it is not the end, if for some reason you won’t be able to use all the data you’ve purchased, the carrier promises to refund the difference.

If you get the chance to test the Project Fi, you will get talk, text, Wi-Fi an international coverage in over 120 countries for just $20 per month. Google will also provide you with flat data rates in the US and outside the country.

Each GB of data will cost you $10. So you will be likely to pay $30 minimum for basic services and 1 GB data. Plus, if you need more data, the carrier will offer you 3GB for $30 per month. In other words, you will spend $50 for everything, which still appears to be a quite affordable offer, especially that Google will return all the money for your unused data. In practice it means that, for instance, if you use only 1.5GB of 3GB, the company will send you $15 back.

As for the coverage, planning to deliver reliable signal within the Project Fi, Google introduced their new service in partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile. Thanks to this solution, you may seamlessly switch from Wi-Fi to LTE when you’re on a call, attaching to the closest network that delivers ultra-fast speed. What’s more Project Fi will also automatically connect you to more than one million verified by Google free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Additionally, the carrier secures your data by encrypting them when using open Wi-Fi hotspots. Other than that Google claims that phone number used within the Project Fi will live in the cloud so customers will be enabled to talk and text from their laptop or tablet.

The Project Fi invitation program kicks off today. In order to be a part of the Google’s experiment, you need to sign up via special website. Google says they will release only a small number of invites, so if you really want to dump your traditional mobile service provider, you’d better be quick.

source: Google

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