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Good bye GoPhone, welcome AT&T Prepaid with 2-month free service

ByinAnnouncements | July 14, 2017

GoPhone has been replaced by the AT&T Prepaid

After years of its presence in the mobile market, the GoPhone name is going away. In the latest announcement AT&T has shared that it’s rebranding its pre-paid subsidiary service provider. The new brand debuts at the market under the name of AT&T Prepaid. Perhaps the name isn’t the most flashy, but we customers are interested more in the quality of services and pricing than in the catchy slogans, right?

GoPhone is now AT&T Prepaid. To celebrate its debut the new brand grants a 2-month free service for new customers.

AT&T is now offering a special promo

To celebrate the arise of the new brand, AT&T is now offering a special promo within which you can take advantage of two months of services at no costs. Quite disappointingly, however, the promo applies only to new customers. Nevertheless, if you looking for a lucrative pre-paid deal, this one may be worth consideration. Wondering how to benefit from the promo?

You simply need to activate a line and keep it active for at least one year. If the carrier see you’re faithful to their services, you will receive account credit for the third and twelfth months of the service. In addition, you will also have to enroll for one of the AT&T Prepaid plans. You can choose between $60 and $40 plans. The former delivers unlimited talks, text and data. Meanwhile, when signing up for the latter, you will grab unlimited talk and text and 6GB of data.

Just like other prepaid services, AT&T Prepaid does not require contracts, which is often a strong decisive factor for all those of us who don’t like long-term commitment. You simply need to remember to cover monthly payments in advance. If you don’t pay, you won’t get services.

If you need a more affordable plan, in addition to the two mentioned above, you can also enroll for a $30 plan, which also gives you unlimited talk and text but only 1GB RAM. This certainly makes it improper for all heavy data users. Note that the discussed prices are valid only if you sign up for the AT&T AutoPay. The registration for the carrier’s saving program is fee. You only need a credit/debit or e-Check to enroll. Without AutoPay you will have to pay $5 more for each plan.

Need a new smartphone? Although the AT&T Prepaid lineup offers mostly-low end smartphones, there are several more advanced handsets on the list like the Apple iPhone SE priced at $244.99 or the iPhone 6 for $344.99.

source: AT&T

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