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Good advice, keep distance from your iPhone 6 if becomes extremely hot and begins sparking

ByinAnnouncements | June 25, 2015

iPhone 6 White
Shocking news from India states that the iPhone 6 exploded during a hands-free mode call. Luckily, the owner of the two-day old handset, Kishan Yadav, managed to escape unscathed after throwing the phone out of his car window. Although Indian media claim that this is the very first such an incident since the iPhone 6’s October release, the good advice is you’d better keep distance from your iPhone 6 when it becomes extremely hot and begins sparking.

Be aware of the overheating Apple iPhone 6

iPhone 6 explode
Mr. Yadav bought his 64GB gray iPhone 6 last Thursday for an equivalent of $943. The incident happened two days later when he was driving his car and calling a friend he was just about to meet. Suddenly, the phone became extremely hot and began sparkling. Noticing that his handset is overheating the iPhone 6’s owner throw the device out of his car window. The phone exploded as soon as it touched the ground. During the call the iPhone’s battery had still around 70 percent of its power.

Fortunately, it was a hand-free call, but what if it was a regular one requiring locating the phone next to its owner’s face?

Though the event took place last weekend, Mr. Yadav filled a police report on Tuesday. Earlier he visited a local store where he purchased the phone to make a complaint. There he was instructed to go directly to Apple service center, what he did. Thought the manufacturer took the destroyed device, they didn’t register the complaint and left Mr. Yadav out of phone. Shouldn’t a replacement device be covered by an iPhone original warranty? Such an approach to a customer is surely another ugly scar on the company’s image.

Although this is a first such an accident recorded in India, a similar case took place earlier in the US. This March an iPhone 6’s user in Long Island complained that his handset went into flames in his pocket causing third degree burns.

So, it turns out that the Apple’s recent flagship doesn’t only cost a bomb, but in fact may be a ticking bomb we used to carry in our pockets. Curious about the eventual official response from Apple, be sure we will keep you posted when anything more will be known in this case. At this moment we suggest to stay away from your device if it becomes extremely hot or begins sparking.

source: Times Of India

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