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Golden Samsung Z smiles to camera during Tizen developer conference

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 21, 2014

Samsung ZWhen Samsung didn’t present the Samsung Z phone, the very first Tizen smartphone, at the Tizen developers summit in Moscow last week, we were a little bit disappointed but definitely not very staggered. Let’s be honest, thanks to the series of the Z’s hold-ups, we got used to the fact that the company has a big problem with timing. But to our great surprise, the phone actually made its appearance during the conference introducing its golden version.

Golden Samsung Z SM-Z910F Live Photos

Samsung ZAccording to the official Samsung statement the latest Z’s great entrance was delayed due to the insufficiently developed portfolio of Tizen apps. And since, there’s the truth that appears to rule the mobile market, which says: no apps, no fun with a smartphone, the manufacturer has to try really hard to enhance the apps offer. In other words, the lack of wide range of apps is the equivalent of the lack of the Z’s prospective users interest in the device.

The company, anxious about the low interest in their new device, desperately do their best to satisfy the tastes and needs of their demanding customers. The truth is that the Z’s premiere will course the Tizen career on the market. This explains why Samsung is so careful with releasing the Z and why the device is in constant testing phase. Apparently, Samsung seems to think that the Tizen success depends on the Z’s enthusiastic reception.

Although, mostly due to its low-key appearance, the Z wasn’t the star of the event, it was noticed by the Tizen conference attendees who, in order to help us deal with the next delay, have posted the pics of the device on the net. The discussed snaps present the alternative version of the Samsung Z SM-Z910F bathed in gold. The phone has a shimmering golden frame encircling the display and gold faux-leather like back. The device looks really chic. But outside this, the phone looks completely the same as its black version, which –just to remind you- was unveiled last June. The gold Z has a 4.8-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED display, an 8MP back camera and 2.1MP front-facing one. Furthermore, the phone is equipped with 2.3 GHz core-quad processor, 2GB RAM and an optional 16 or 34 GB built-in storage and microSD slot. It operates on Tizen 2.2.1 and supports LTE connectivity.

Samsung hasn’t reveal details on the Z’s price yet. However, taking into consideration the Z’s specs, it is quite safe to state that it is rather a mid-end market offering, so we may assume that it will be definitely cheaper than the latest Galaxy S working on Android.

Though we still don’t have the exact date of the official Z’s premiere, Samsung has disclosed that they plan to launch the product some time this quarter. But, they have also made it clear that the device won’t go on sale simultaneously in all markets. The plan is definitely the bold one, but does it mean that the manufacturer has already manage to resolve the vast majority of Tizen apps problems?

source: TizenExperts

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