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Get $250 Best Buy gift card with every Moto Z Droid purchase

ByinSales & Special Offers | October 13, 2016

Best Buy throws in a $250 gift card to each purchase of the Moto Z Droid
The Galaxy Note 7 may be dead, but the mobile market is still full of cool phones you can choose among. The Moto Z Droid may be such an alternative. Offering an LG G5-like modular design the powerful phablet is now within your reach for $26 per month at Best Buy. In addition everyone who buy the device will be granted with a special gift card worth $250. It looks like a really sweet deal, doesn’t it? And does not explode.

Best Buy throws in a $250 gift card to each purchase of the Moto Z Droid. You can buy the device without commitment, choose a traditional contract or a Verizon payment plan.

Get $250 gift card with every Moto Z Droid purchase
If you happen to search for a really lucrative deal on the Moto Z Droid, look no more as Best Buy may have an ideal deal for you. For a limited time, the big retailer is selling the device along with a $250 gift card.

How to benefit from the promo? In order to take advantage of the bonus, you need to purchase the Moto Z Droid on a 2-year contract or enroll for a Verizon payment plan. If you sign up for a contract, you will need to pay $201.99 upfront. However, if for some reason you don’t like to bind yourself with a service provider agreement, you can choose a Verizon installment plan. Then you will be asked to pay the phone off in 24 payments of $26. In addition, you can also buy the Moto Z Droid while paying its full retail price of $699.99. No matter which purchase option you will pick, in all three cases you will be granted with the $250 gift card you can spend on shopping at Best Buy.

Being one of the most powerful phones currently available on the market, the Moto Z Droid is surely worth its pricing. The Lenovo-made phablet houses a massive 5.5-inch Quad HD screen covered with Gorilla Glass 4 for better protection and a combination of respectful optics represented by a 13MP low-light primary rear camera and a 5MP front snapper in charge of sharp selfies. Furthermore, the phone is also driven by the Qualcomm’s fastest Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB of built-in expandable storage. In addition, all these undoubtedly great features come packed in an attractive only 5.2mm thick body shell.

Except for great specs, the Moto Z Droid is, next to the LG G5, one of the two available on the market phones to offer modularity. The pretty innovative technology allows for expanding the phablet’s functionality by attaching to its back additional modules called Moto Mods. The magnetically-detachable Moto Mods range from a projector or a battery pack to a Hasselblad camera.

If you’re potentially interested in purchasing the Moto Z Droid, simply hit Best Buy site for more details.

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