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Will we see Galaxy tablet with foldable display next year? Samsung reportedly is working on it

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | June 10, 2014

SamsungFlexible displays have been the object of heated discussions for a very long time. Several electronics makers boasted about their plans to release a device with such screen, but so far very few managed to put their plans into action. One of such companies is Samsung with its curved Galaxy Round and foldable display rumored for the Galaxy Note 4. While the screen of the Round is not bendable, it proves that an alternative to a standard flat display is no longer a futuristic dream. According to the latest reports, Samsung is exploring the idea ever further and reportedly is working on a foldable tablet. It seems that we may see a Galaxy tablet with foldable display as soon as next year.

Samsung tablet with tri-fold flexible display

Samsung Foldable Tablet PatentAccording to an anonymous report, Samsung is having in the works a tablet with tri-fold flexible display. The device, which is believed to belong to the Galaxy series, has three screens that are held together by hinges. When folded out, the total surface of the displays is the size of typical tablet, possibly measuring 8 or 9 inches diagonally. The hinges allow the device to fold reducing its dimensions to one third, or the size of a phone. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the idea, but Samsung’s new patent has a potential to provide solution to the dilemma of how to balance large screen and portability.

The foldable Galaxy tablet certainly won’t be cheap. However, if you were to buy a phone and a tablet separately, the total price probably would be similar or maybe even higher. There is also the question of availability. Most likely, the tablet would be on sale only in Samsung’s home market, South Korea, at least in the beginning. Depending on the reception, it might or might not arrive in other markets, though personally we hope it will. According to the rumors, Samsung already has prototypes that were secretly presented at Mobile World Congress this year and might be ready for commercial release by 2015.

If foldable Galaxy tablet indeed manages to materialize, it will not only revolutionize the market but also open up new paths for further experiments with similar technologies. Not sure about you, but we would love to learn more about Samsung’s innovative tablet as it’s one of the most exciting projects to look forward to in the year to come.

via: SamMobile

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