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Galaxy S8 to come in two sizes – here’s what we know about the next Samsung’s flagship phone for 2017

ByinLeaks & Rumors | November 13, 2016

The Galaxy S8 will be the most crucial product of Samsung for 2017
After the Galaxy Note 7’s explosive battery mess, Samsung will put all their effort in order to atone for their sins and restore the consumer trust. Since the Note line is pretty much dead now, the South Korean manufacturer will try to potentially lure the Note customers with a bigger version of the Galaxy S8. According to recent reports the company’s future flagship will debut in two size-factors, both featuring the curved display design so far reserved for the Edge model. As times go by and each day brings us closer to the Galaxy S8’s premiere, the net is buzzing with leaks concerning the device’s design and specs. Here’s a brief presentation of what to expect from the Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

Samsung will launch bigger Galaxy S8 to win back Galaxy Note 7 fans

Designed to restore the consumer trust the Galaxy S8 will be the most crucial product of Samsung for 2017. Packed with the latest technologies, the phone will catch our attention with beautiful glass and metal design and a massive bezel-less 4K screen.

Although seeing the Galaxy S7 line premiere we all hoped that it would be a really fruitful year for Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7’s catastrophe ruined this optimistic vision. Due to the problem with exploding batteries the concern had to withdraw from the market circulation the entire line and stop their production. But Samsung isn’t wasting their time on pitying, instead it is working on its next flagship which will help the company restore the consumer trust. So what surprises may the Galaxy S8 bring us?

Design and Size-factor

To start from the most fervently discussed rumor, the Galaxy S8 will be available in two size-factors: 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch. Conscious of the fact that for some of us a 6.2-inch phone sounds ginormous, Samsung will try to enlarge the screen without affecting the phablet’s overall size. In order achieve as compact design as possible, the company plans to ditch all screen bezels and resign from the traditional capacitive home button which from now on will be replaced by on-screen buttons.

When it comes to the overall design, Samsung’s flagship line is known for supreme build quality. The Galaxy S8 will not be an exception to the rule. Speaking the glass and metal design language, the manufacturer will dress the device in a premium body shell being a hybrid of aluminum and durable glass enabling the use wireless charging tech.


The Galaxy S8’s displays won’t only surprise the mobile world with their sizes but also with their sharpness and functionality. A recent leak coming straight form South Korea, suggests that both models will arrive with a 4K viewing quality, which translates to the pixel density of 806 ppi.

Such parameters surely allow for more detailed VR experiences, but also impose a need for some serious battery modifications. Perhaps following the Sony’s solution introduced in Xperia Z5 Premium, the company will choose to use the Quad HD mode for a majority of apps to save energy.

Other than that both sizes are speculated to come with the dual curved edge display technology, which means that there’s no reason for giving any of them the “Edge” moniker. Instead, the bigger of the two will be called Galaxy S8 Plus, which will emphasize its larger size-factor. Another rumor concerning the display says that the Galaxy S8 may be the very first phone to come with a fingerprint scanner built into its screen. If this happen it will be a really innovative approach to the biometric protection of our personal data.


Although the display, size-factors and construction are the Galaxy S8’s features covered by the biggest number of rumors, we also know quite a lot about its specs. There are some voices mentioning that Samsung may equipped the upcoming flagship in a new, very powerful ARM-made GPU. The ARM’s own documentation claims that the chip delivers 40 percent higher performance density and 20 percent external memory bandwidth savings in comparison to the Mali-T880 – a type of GPU close to the one used in the last two generations of the Galaxy line. The Mali-G71 is expected to beat the GPU offered by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830. As for SoCs, Samsung may one more time use a combination of Snapdragon and Exynos processor in models targeting at different markets.


Moving on to the camera department, in 2016 the company focused on low light performance, and frankly speaking it is likely to go this route in the next year. So expect an event brighter lenses and higher resolution. In addition, seeing the success of the iPhone 7 Plus’s innovative telephoto camera, the manufacturer may want to equipped its future flagship with a second lens improving the clarity of zoomed-in shots.

If Samsung wants to restore its market there’s no place for mistakes

AI Assistant

Products like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa show that AI gains on importance. Aware of this Samsung may want to join the AI race using their own AI – Viv. Thanks to Viv the company will be able to expand the Galaxy S8 functionality and enhance interaction with its users. The device will understand the context of its user and provide us with the most appropriate suggestions and recommendations. What’s more Viv should also sync with Samsung-made home appliances and wearable gadgets via intelligent interface and voice control, expanding the pretty much basic capabilities of S Voice assistant introduced by the Galaxy S3. If to believe trademark fillings submitted by Samsung, the Galaxy S8’s AI assistant will most probably carry the “Bixby” name.

Launch date

Three years in a row Samsung flagship phones made their first official public appearance shortly before the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. And since the MWC 2017 event is scheduled to February 27th, we can safely assume that the Galaxy S8 will hit the market few days earlier.

On the other hand, Wall Street Journal claims that Samsung may want to postpone the Galaxy S8’s premiere to late April. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as after the Galaxy S7’s catastrophe Samsung may need some extra time to make double sure that the upcoming flagship won’t impose any quality issues.

If Samsung wants to restore its market position with the help of Galaxy S8, there’s no place for mistakes. The phone’s premiere may be both, the Samsung’s great come back,  or the final nail in the coffin.

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