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Galaxy S6 rumored to arrive with new set of optional back covers with advanced functionality

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 27, 2015

SamsungFor many year Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been among top choices of smartphone buyers. In order to keep users interested in the lineup the company has to step ahead of the competition. That’s why each generation of Galaxy S phones brings something entirely new to the table, something users haven’t seen before. Wondering what the Galaxy S6 will offer this year? According to the latest report, the device is rumored to arrive with a new set of optional back covers with advanced functionality such as E-Ink display, fitness trainer or additional camera lenses.

Rumored Galaxy S6 with advanced back covers takes on a modular phone and YotaPhone 2

Samsung GalaxyYep, that’s right. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 apparently is going to be a modular phone in a way. This additional functionality comes in the form of a proprietary connector on the back which serves for attaching optional back covers. An anonymous source mentioned four types of covers, each one centered around a different function.

One of the covers allegedly extends the S Health app functionality. It will allow users to measure blood sugar level, syncing this information with the app, reminding about the next test and exporting the results to the cloud which can then be accessed by a doctor.

Another cover supposedly features an e-ink display, which would make the Galaxy S6 similar to the YotaPhone 2. Since e-ink displays are far less power-consuming than typical screens, such cover would significantly extend battery life of the smartphone.

The third cover is said to focus on fitness. It could be connected to different fitness gadgets such as bikes and steppers and sync data to a dedicated app. The source, however, doesn’t mention how the cover connects to the machines, so it’s likely that it may not be compatible will all fitness equipment.

Finally, users who enjoy photography on the go will be able to pick a special cover that allows to attach additional lenses to the GS6’s camera for better quality pics.

The idea of back covers with additional functionality may sound a little far-fetched, but it’s actually not the first time that we hear about it, so there could be a grain of truth in the reports. That said, enjoy the thought of the Galaxy S6 coming with a wide selection of back panels but keep an open mind until the phone goes official which should happen in a little over a month from now.

source: Android.com

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