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Galaxy S6 Clone from China costs only $110

ByinAnnouncements | May 12, 2015

Landvo S6
Chinese companies have been forever in the business of making the most popular smartphones clones. Some of the clones only vaguely resemble the original, which usually happens when the manufacturer draws its knowledge from leaks and rumors. Once in a while, however, a clone is released that is an exact copy of the phone it’s based on, down to the tiniest details of design. One such clone of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has just hit the market and it costs only $110.

Landvo S6 is the most accurate look-alike clone of the Galaxy S6

Landvo S6 vs Galaxy S6
Called Landvo S6, the device is the most accurate look-alike of Samsung’s flagship that we have ever seen. If it wasn’t for the absence of Samsung logo, you would have a hard time telling the two apart. The Landvo S6 is exactly the same size and shape as the Galaxy S6 and even uses the same material for the body that is glass and metal. Landvo says that the phone’s rounded edges took 111 hours to polish.

Camera setup is identical to the Galaxy S6 meaning that users will get a 16-megapixel main shooter (placed in exactly the same spot as on Samsung’s phone) and a 5-megapixel selfie camera. The manufacturer also claims that the device has “heart beat test” and “eye-recognition”. The Landvo handset will ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop complete with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI to make it even more Galaxy-like.

What we are describing so far sounds exactly like the Galaxy S6, but make no mistake – the insides of the Landvo S6 are a far cry from the premium components of Samsung’s flagship. For starters, the phone’s 5.1-inch screen is not even Full HD, not to mention QHD. Instead, Landvo opted for 720p resolution. Moreover, the device is powered by a modest quad-core MediaTek MT6582 processor and comes with only 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Other key features include a 2,550 mAh battery and dual-SIM support.

The Landvo S6 may resemble the Galaxy S6 on the outside, but spec-wise it’s way below the original. And no wonder, since the phone is so cheap, the savings had to come from somewhere. Anyway, the Landvo S6 is equipped pretty well for a clone, especially if you consider its low price of just $110.

source: Gizmochina

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