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Galaxy S4 new colors: Brown coming to Verizon and Purple expected to hit Sprint

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 21, 2013

Galaxy S4 new colors announcementThe colors we choose to wear when we put on our wardrobes are sure to make us feel a certain way looking in the mirror; and people will also feel something when looking back at you. Colors may determine your mood for the day, what is the first thing any business person, teen, or participant in a relationship does when they wake up? They take a glance at their colorful phones to check their messages. In this action we are exposed to influential magic of colored platforms. Yellow will set a happy tone; backgrounds will remind you of your favorite things. Everyone has their colors, their phone design preferences, and new colors will mean a group of new lovers for Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phones.

Galaxy S4 New Colors Coming to US Carriers

Galaxy S4 Brown AutumnSamsung made an announcement sometime earlier this year that they would release the Galaxy S4 in Purple Mirage, Red Aurora, Brown Autumn, Blue Arctic, and Pink Twilight. The idea is that all US operators would receive their own shad of the Galaxy S4. The only one that is debatable is the Brown Autumn Galaxy S4, yet the other colors make up for that one loss if things don’t work out.

Sprint is always in the game of launching a special edition smartphones. Just this April, the carrier had launched a very unique Purple edition of the Samsung Galaxy S III, it remains available to purchase for ($99.99 on contract). On the pricier side of things the purple Galaxy S4 goes for the same price as the Black and White editions ($199.99 on contract). Look out for Sprint to feature the Purple Mirage model on the Galaxy S4 as well.

About a year ago Verizon Wireless released the Amber Brown version of the Samsung S III, which is going to be followed up by the Brown Autumn Galaxy S 4, if it indeed does hit the shelves as well. The White Frost and Black Mist Galaxy S4 models are the big sellers sold by Verizon so these newer models will have to be quite impressive in order to compete with those guys.

Although these are assumptions with the release rate that Verizon, Sprint, and Samsung have shown in the past it is likely that all of these notions will come to life. The devices that the models will be featured on are great phones that in itself ensures popular response on release. For example the mentioned Galaxy S4 features a quad-core processor, a 5-inch 1080p display, Android Jelly Bean with cartoonish TouchWiz user interface, and more. It’s safe to say that the expectations are positive.

source: @evleaks

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