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Fully functional iPhone 6 clone spotted in China

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 15, 2014

iPhone 6 Clone vs. Galaxy S3As it happens every year around this time, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is one of the most often discussed devices. As the big day draws closer, rumors increase in intensity and the level of anticipation rises to a boiling point but in some parts of the world users can already get the feel of what it’s like to hold the iPhone 6. No, Apple didn’t go crazy and release its new iPhone two months ahead of schedule, but a fully functional iPhone 6 clone was spotted in China.

iPhone 6 Clone surfaces online way ahead of actual device.

iPhone 6 CloneIt’s not the first time that an iPhone clone hits the market months before the actual handset is made official. As the same thing happened last year with the iPhone 5S and with earlier models, it’s becoming sort of a tradition in Asia. And no wonder, since the abundance of rumors and detailed leaks are almost begging to put them to good use and try to make a unit that will be as similar to the original device as possible. So the Chinese did.

Whoever made the phone apparently paid a lot of attention to details as the device seems to look almost exactly like the dummy units that have leaked before. Keep in mind that “almost” is a key word here. If you take a closer look, you will see that the clone lacks the touch ID sensor and its rear camera is too protruding to be made by Apple. There are also other telltale signs that whisper that it’s not the real deal. While the overall design seems to follow all the leaks pretty close, a devoted iPhone fans certainly won’t be fooled.

Unlike the mockups that surfaced before, the iPhone 6 clone appears to be fully functional. The phone runs a platform that is made to look like iOS but only on the surface. Try to open an app and the difference becomes apparent. Obviously, the device doesn’t feature the same hardware as Apple’s handset, so don’t expect the rumored sapphire display or A8 chip. And that’s exactly the point of making clones – to deliver device that closely resembles the original in terms of appearance but is packed with more modest components.

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 6 Clone
iPhone 6 Back

source: Nowhereelse.fr

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