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Fuhu intros the biggest tablet yet, meet the Nabi Big Tab HD in 20 and 24-inch variants

ByinTablets | August 22, 2014

Fuhu Nabi Big TabBeing a perfect combination of entertainment and education, tablets are gaining on popularity among children. Some of us consider them harmful to the child’s mind, other busy parents think tablets are their best ally in raising children. Fuhu, the company with great tradition in the kid-focused devices, appear to have found an answer to all these doubts with introducing their new enormously big tablet, the Nabi Big Tab HD which comes in two 20 and 24-inch variants.

Fuhu Nabi Big Tab HD Enormously Big Tablet

Fuhu Nabi Big TabAccording to the manufacturer the Fuhu Nabi Big Tab was created in order to increase sharing and collaboration in the average household and to reinvent the family time. Both tablets feature really massive, unprecedented in terms of size HD displays (they even overshadow the concerned large 12-inch Galaxy Note PRO), which are suppose to solve the problem concerning children using too small displays.

Fuhu thinks that bigger screens let children share their experiences and interact with their family, friends and educators in more convenient and proper for them way. When it comes to the design, the manufacturer wanting to make the tablet more portable have equipped it with a special handle and kickstand.

But, concerning the screen size of the tablets, the devices have relatively low pixel density, especially the smaller 20-inch version that sports only 1600×900 pixel resolution (the 24-inch Nabi Big Tab sports 1080p). It is a little disappointing since there are several 10-inch tablets available on the market that feature higher screen resolution. So, why to launch such a massive screen without intending to equip them with high specs? Another thing is that there are still very few apps optimized for the 24-inch screen, so pixels are something we will have to accept when using the tablet.

Going deeper in specs details, both devices are powered by the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor combined with 2GB RAM and 16GB of built-in storage, all these give them pretty good gaming capabilities as for the kids-targeted tablets. The Nabi Big Tab runs the Android 4.4.4 with the co-installed Fuhu’s own operating system called Blue Morpho that enables parents to have an unlimited control over their children’s’ use of the tablet.

In practice the two co-existing operating systems allow to switch between the two modes (one designed for adults, other one for kids). Thanks to Android, parents may freely use the device as any other regular tablet with all the functions offered by the operating system, including the Google Play Store. When we want to reach the parental control and get the access to the Nabi, the only thing we have to do is to swipe to the right.

The Nabi mode delivers the multiplicity of kids-targeted apps from educational to those aiming at entertainment. The tablets offers your children educational apps and games such as the Big Canvas via which they can create their own drawings and animations and the Wing Learning System embracing over 17,000 lessons and 300,000 test questions in Math and Reading and Writing. What’s more if you have problems with encouraging your children to do their chores, Fuhu seems to find a silver bullet to the problem. Now, due to the special app called Chore List you can make them be more dutiful. Make a list of tasks your children are to do, and when they complete them all, you can reward their good behavior with special virtual coins, which later can be spent on purchasing music, books and movies.

Other, more entertaining, apps include traditional games like for example chess, checkers and backgammon as well as multiplayer games like air hockey. Fuhu also added a great collection of videos from Disney and Cartoon Network. If all these isn’t still enough for you, another app called Story Time delivers over 35 interactive e-books your children can read and play.

Although the Fuhu Nabi Big tablets were designed to be easily carried from place to place, the device has to be plugged in almost all the time. When equipping the tablet with a  poor performance 1,650 mAh battery that can last without charging only 30 minutes, the manufacturer made it an exclusively in-door device.

If everything goes in accordance with the Fuhu’s launching plans the devices’ premiere will take place this fall. The Nabi Big Tab goes on sale with pricing tags of $449 and $549, for the 20 and 24-inch versions respectively. It may seem to be a setting back price as for nothing more than a decent tech specs device whose biggest advantage is an enormously big screen. Additionally, the truth is that the parental control is something we can find in the majority of kid-focused devices.

source: Fuhu

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