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FreedomPop launches Galaxy S II “Snowden Phone” focused heavily on security

ByinAnnouncements | March 5, 2014

Snowden PhoneFreedomPop unveils today its new Privacy Phone. The new smartphone, also known as “Snowden Phone”, focuses heavily on security as much the same way as the Boeing Black phone introduced a week ago, however, it sells for way cheaper price of $169. The new Privacy Phone is a well known Samsung Galaxy S II handset that FreedomPop upgraded with its own security software. The software protects smartphone’s data from hackers, government agencies, and spyware. Here is what you need to know about the “Snowden Phone” and FreedomPop.

FreedomPop Galaxy S II Privacy Phone

FreedomPop Privacy PhoneThe FreedomPop’s “Snowden Phone” uses 128-bit encryption to secure your voice calls and text messages. You will be also protected while web surfing thanks to a built-in virtual private network that provides anonymous internet browsing and prevents from tracking web activity. A safety feature known as kill switch lets you remotely delete the phone’s content preventing unauthorized user from getting it. Moreover, you can have your phone number changed at your request as often as you want.

FreedomPop service came to life in October 2012 with its offer of 500 MB of free wireless data and currently runs on Sprint’s CDMA network using WiMAX technology. In terms of plans, FreedomPop offers you three choices: a two-year plan, one-year plan and monthly plan. The two-year plan, which is by far the most attractive option, costs $110. What’s so attractive? you will ask. This is how much you pay for two years of service, which comes down to just $4.58 per month. For that little you get unlimited talk, text and 500 MB of data.

The one-year plan offers basically the same but for a price of $79.99, or $6.67 per month. The monthly plan also includes unlimited talk and text along with 500 MB of data but for $10.99 per month. With the exception of the monthly plan, the remaining two are billed as one-time payments.

FreedomPop also offers a number of value-added services. For example for $3.50 per month you don’t lose your data at the end of the month but can save it for later. Another service appreciated by customers is speed boost which costs $4 per month and bumps data speed to the fastest possible.

In the near future FreedomPop is hoping to add LTE devices to its offer along with support for iPhone. We can also expect the addition of a second wireless carrier partner. Despite the fact that FreedomPop may not be offering the most recent phones at the moment, its plans are still worth considering especially if you are a cost-conscious user or need a phone that keep away hackers, government agencies, and spyware.

source: Fierce Wireless, FreedomPop

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