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FreedomPop brings free voice and data plans to iPads and tablets

ByinSales & Special Offers | August 2, 2014

FreedompopFreedomPop has just announced taking a revolutionary step in the world of telecommunications. The company is now offering refurbished iPads and Android 4G LTE tablets with free data plus connectivity in a bundle, giving your tablet features of a regular phone. Going further, FreedomPop users can now send and receive messages and calls completely out of charge.

FreedomPop offer with free data, voice and text

FreedompopDuring the conference held on July 30, the Co-Founder and COO of FreedomPop, Steve Sesar, officially announced the new service being added to the list of FreedomPop offerings, saying that since the gap between smartphones and tablets keeps on fading away, the company wants to meet the expectation of their customers by offering them the expanded tablet experience which include telephony, not just making calls but also using apps like WhatsApp and Uber that require a device’s phone number.

You may say that there’s no need for the service, since there are certain apps like for example Skype or Google Voice that enable us to give and receive calls, but we shouldn’t forget that they have some limitations that hinder them from being a real phone substitute.

How does the new service work in practice? If you have a tablet capable with Sprint LTE,  you can bring it to FreedomPop, and they will give you 500MB of LTE data, 500 text and 200 voice messages completely for free, allowing you to use your tablet just like a phone. But there’s also a catch, once you’ve used the granted to you free data, you will have to purchase more. But no reason to worry; fortunately, the totally Unlimited Everything plan provides you countless number of calls and text messages for either $10 for each GB or for only $20 for unlimited data per month. So, feel free talk and text as much as you like or need to. But, it is also worth mentioning that once you use 1 GB of high-speed 4G LTE in a month, your data will decrease to 3G speeds. Even though, the FreedomPop offer appears to be the best on the market (just to give a hint: T-Mobile offers only 200MB of free data transfer per month).

In case you don’t have your own LTE tablet, FreedomPop offers you purchasing refurbished (but looking as new ones, at least this is what the service provider tells us) model of the 16 GB Galaxy Tab 3 without retina display for $199 and 16GB iPads mini for $319 via its online store with no contract. Cheap but risky solution, since when buying the refurbished tablet we receive only 90-day warranty. In comparison, Apple gives a year warranty on their second-hand devices.

What’s the most interesting, all the phone features operate even if the FreedomPop app is closed, since it runs in the background. Even if the app isn’t open and we get a call, our tablet will inform us about it, then we pick the call up and the app opens itself. Furthermore, if you have more than one device with FreedomPop, they all may respond to the same number if you want to. The function may look familiar to all those who receive FaceTime calls or iMessages on several Apple devices having one AppleID.

Although currently FreedomPop is available mainly in most big cities, the company has ambitious plans to expand their tablet offer, as well as their services’ reach globally, including Germany, Belgium, the UK, Spain and the Pacific Rim with support of additional (still unspecified) carriers. And we may be pretty sure that they will succeed, since they seems to have no strong rivals among other service providers which don’t want to resign from highly profitable smartphone services business in favor of phone- like tablets.

source: FreedomPop

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