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LG is offering now free VR headset to anyone who buy the LG G3

ByinAnnouncements | February 9, 2015

VR HeadsetWatching Samsung making its first steps in the VR world, the other giant mobile manufacturer in Korea couldn’t resist to stay behind. Today, in order to promote their latest flagship and perhaps to raise its sales, LG announced VR headsets for the G3. Offered for free with the purchase of the LG G3, the plastic headset will allow you to transform your phone into the VR hardware, so as to enable for the full usage of the phone’s QHD display and advanced rear-facing speaker potential.

Google Cardboard VR headset for LG G3

VR for G3Build in cooperation with Google, the special LG VR platform is taking design inspirations from the well known Google’s paper-crafted VR headset. Called Google Cardboard this foldable device delivers us virtual reality experience on our phone.

However, in contrast to the original device the LG platform comes made of plastic with a special backplate that allows its users to control the phone with the help of the volume buttons located on the phone’s back. In this situation the LG innovative positioning of buttons proves to be far more convenient than placing buttons on the device’s side. In addition, the headset comes equipped with special lenses that enable us to interact with VR apps and games on the phone’s screen.

Thanks to a neodymium ring magnet, which connects with the G3’s gyroscope, the LG VR system’s future users can control the phone without the necessity to touch the display.

Said to be available in selected markets later this month the VR headset for G3 platform will be added to every purchase of the LG G3 completely for free. At this point we still don’t know whether current LG G3 users will be eligible for purchase of the discussed VR headset.

source: LG

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