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FREE Motorola Defy XT for Republic Wireless customers or $100 OFF on dual-band version

ByinFREE Phones, Sales & Special Offers | October 5, 2012

Republic Wireless | Cheap Phones

In July, Republic Wireless announced signups for its beta and together with the news came a new phone – the Motorola Defy XT Hybrid. Recently, the carrier has admitted to an error with its deployment of the single-band phone, which is compatible only with Sprint’s 1900 MHz network and offers current subscribers the single-band phone for free or a dual-band version with $100 discount.

The Republic Wireless’ services are based on the idea of relying on your Wi-Fi network for your data and voice needs and switching to cellular network when necessary, and that is exactly how the Motorola Defy XT Hybrid works. As long as you stay within Wi-Fi coverage, the phone does not cause any problems, but for those who travel often to areas that rely on 800 MHz service, the glitch proves to be a real nuisance.

The carrier made the grade and is trying to solve the problem in a way that would satisfy all their customers. According to the announcement on the Republic’s website, they are working together with Motorola to launch a new version of the Motorola Defy XT equipped with additional 800 MHz antenna to increase roaming capability. The dual-band phone is expected to become available by the end of this year.

How to get discounted Motorola Defy XT

Motorola Defy XT for Republic Wireless | Cheap PhonesAll active wave A subscribers will be given the opportunity to upgrade from the LG Optimus to the single-band Motorola Defy XT for free. Those who will be willing to wait for the dual-band version will be offered $100 off the upgrade. You will not be able to combine both offers, that is you will have to choose whether you want to claim the single-band DEFY XT for free or use the $100 off for a dual-band version.

If you are a Republic Wireless subscriber in waves B through E, you will be given 30 days, until 25th October, to evaluate the service. If you decide it is inadequate you will have two options: cancel your account and return your single-band DEFY XT for a full refund of the purchase price, or wait for the dual-band version, which you will be able to claim for free when it becomes available.

The carrier will continue to offer the single-band Defy XT to those in waves F and beyond. Although, those who would rather wait for the dual-band Motorola Defy XT Hybrid are welcome to do so.

Source: Republic Wireless

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