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Free $50 Google Play Store credit for Galaxy Note 3 users in the US

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 20, 2013

Galaxy Note 3What would be a smartphone, phablet, tablet or any other smart device without apps? It would be definitely not as smart as you wanted to be. The technical details are certainly important, but even the most powerful processor or super clear display will not be of much use without suitable applications. However, the apps cost, some of them quite a lot, others are somewhat less pricey, there are some for free too. Bottom line is that you spend a lot of money on a high-end device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and then you have to spend some more to have the phone do things exactly the way you like it.

Free $50 Google Play Store credit from Samsung

Free Google Play CreditThe Galaxy Note 3 users in the US can now have $50 worth of apps thanks to Samsung giving away $50 in Play Store credit.

Samsung has a special promotion site where you will have to enter a few details to verify the purchase. These include the device’s IMEI, your email address and phone number. Within up to 10 minutes you will receive a code you can redeem in the Play Store for $50 in credit.

The credit can be used towards the purchase of anything you want, except for devices and accessories. It appears that all users of the Galaxy Note 3 are eligible for the credit, even those who purchased the phone earlier at launch.

In case you are not an owner of the Galaxy Note 3, you still have time to get yourself one, since the promotion runs through January 6th, 2014.

source: Samsung

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