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Forget about iPhone 5S & 6, next generation Apple’s phone may arrive as iPhone 5G

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 8, 2013

iPhone 5G LCDEvery new product made by Apple is always a hot subject and such is the case with the upcoming next-gen iPhone. Rumors about the phone have been floating around for some time now. The company is expected to officially introduce the handset in September and with just about a month to go, we have far less information than we would like. What we know about the new iPhone resembles a huge jigsaw puzzle with many pieces still missing. However, today we can put two more elements to the picture.

New Apple’s flagship phone to be iPhone 5G

Next-Gen iPhone LCD DigitizerUntil now we were convinced that the device would be called iPhone 5S or possibly iPhone 6. It appears that we were wrong. A leaked photo of the new iPhone front panel with a box right next to it reveals that the device could arrive as iPhone 5G. Be based our previous assumption on the tradition of adding “S” to the name of upgraded version of the previous model. There is however absolutely no reason why Apple would not use a different letter. Apparently, the company felt like it was time for something fresh. If indeed it is the name Apple chose for its new flagship smartphone, it will certainly take some time getting used to it.

The photos also picture the front panel of the iPhone. As expected before, it looks very similar to the current handset. The screen will measure 4 inches diagonally, and the buttons are positioned in almost identical arrangement. Apple decided to leave the design fairly unchanged and focused mostly on internal upgrades. These include a new processor, new camera and maybe even a sharper display.

source: USwitch

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