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FiLip smartwatch for Kids will be available exclusively from AT&T in the near future

ByinSmartwatches | October 16, 2013

FiLIP watchWhile the vast majority of hi-tech devices are aimed at adult users, there are some that are designed with children in mind. One such device is the FiLip smartwatch, which will be available exclusively from AT&T. The watch was approved by the FCC in July this year and according to AT&T will arrive at the stores within the next few months. As the carrier says in its announcement, details on availability and pricing will be disclosed closer to the release date. According to Filip Technologies CEO Jonathan Peachey, the device will cost no more than $200.

FiLip Watch for Kids with AT&T Data Services

FiLIP Smartwatch for KidsThe FiLip smartwatch is a unique device that combines smartphone features with location services. The watch is paired with a parents smartphone via special app which allows for constant monitoring of the child’s whereabouts.

The watch makes use of three location methods: GPS, cell tower location, and Wi-Fi triangulation, which pinpoint the user’s location and display the info on the parent’s phone. Parents can also set “safety zones” and will receive alerts as soon as the child leaves a designated area.

The FiLip allows the child to communicate only with five contacts predefined by parents. In case of emergency, the device automatically begins recording ambient sounds and puts the child in touch with emergency services if none of the preset contacts can be reached.

The FiLip will be a ruggedized device, with a certain degree of water-resistance. The smartwatch will be manufactured in the US and will be available in two sizes and four vivid colors including yellow, red, green and blue.

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