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Facebook to present ‘new home on Android’ at press conference on April 4

ByinAnnouncements | March 30, 2013

FacebookCyberspace is heating up with rumors again after Facebook sent out invites to “Come See Our New Home on Android” for April 4th. The message is pretty cryptic and leaves a lot of room for speculations, and as you know, there are plenty of those already out there regarding Facebook-Android, or more generally Facebook-smartphone, relationship. The first thing that comes to mind is obviously a Facebook phone. According to some sources, the project is advanced enough to begin advertising campaign.

Will Facebook reveal the new HTC Myst?

Facebook Press ConferenceFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies the rumors claiming that a Facebook phone “really wouldn’t make much sense.” However, we have lately seen leaks pointing to a phone called the HTC Myst that is rumored to be a real Facebook phone coming to AT&T. And he could be telling the truth, since previous attempt on such a device did not prove much of a success. The HTC ChaCha resulted to be an ordinary smartphone with nothing more than a dedicated Facebook button. Then again, it could be a marketing move to increase the surprise factor if and when the phone launches.

Other possible explanation, according to some sources, is that the “home” part refers to an Android app that would display Facebook status updates and messages directly on the home screen. Reportedly, the app is design to increase the time users spend on Facebook and might debut on a HTC phone. Others claim that we should take “home” literally and Facebook is going to reveal some details about its new building where Android app will be developed. What is so special about a building that it would deserve a press conference? It remains beyond our imagination. The only way to find out is to wait for April 4th.

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