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Essential Phone created by the father of Android takes another shot at modular possibilities

ByinAnnouncements | May 30, 2019

Essential Phone at this moment is only available for reservation

Andy Rubin, the father of Android, has just unveiled its first smartphone. Called the Essential Phone, the device is a serious competitor to the Galaxy S8 LG G6. It combines a beautifully-crafted body and impressive specs. In addition, except for a full-screen display, the Essential Phone features enhanced functionality provided by modular design.

Andy Rubin has just unveiled its first smartphone-Essential Phone

Say hi to the Essential Phone – a premium handset that looks quite stunning and supports modular components.

Aesthetic durable design

The Essential Phone is pretty much a combination of the universally acclaimed Galaxy S8 and the last year’s LG G5 modular phone. Inspired by the LG’s flagship, the phone’s front hides a full-screen display with no bezels that seems to be more immersive than the Infinity panel found in the Galaxy S8.

Meanwhile, the back case of the phone has been equipped with special magnetic docks allowing you to attach additional modules so as to enable the phone to evolve with you. This keeps in line with the one of the company’s key principles saying that phone shouldn’t become outdated every year. Interestingly enough, the phone ship with no junk bloatware and no overwhelming logos covering the device’s body.

Except for being a good-looker, the Essential Phone is also durable. The manufacturer uses titanium for the device’s edges. Thanks to this extremely hard material the handset won’t scratch or dent like aluminum. The back panel of the device is made out of ceramic which is also known for its scratch-resistant properties.


When it comes to color options, the Essential Phone will be accessible in black, grey, white and dual-tone variants. With the help of the magnetic connector you can equip the phone with a 360-degree camera that is the first accessory debiting along with the device. It is sold together with the phone for just $50 on the top of the regular price. Furthermore, the Essential Phone comes with a dedicated wireless data transfer connector supporting speeds up to 6Gbps.


Also on the back the Essential Phone has a 13MP dual-camera system with a secondary monochrome sensor that captures more light. The output from the regular camera combined with a the monochrome picture results in a supreme end. Meanwhile, an 8MP camera snapper takes care of bright selfies and is capable to record 4K videos.

You can equip the Essential Phone with a 360-degree camera

Moving on to the tech parameters, the Essential Phone comes driven by an ultra-fast Snapdragon 835 processor paired with 4GB RAM and 128 GB of built-in storage. Protected by Gorilla Glass 5 the 5.7-inch display offers Quad HD resolution. Moreover, the device also provides its users with four microphones with noise cancellation, 4G LTE connectivity and CDMA support so it’s compatible with all major US carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Unfortunately, the handset doesn’t feature microSD card expansion nor a 3.5mm headset jack.

Release data and pricing

Speaking of the Essential Phone’s launch date and price, the device debuted today, May 30. However, at this moment it is only available for reservation. So far, the company isn’t able to give the exact date when the phone will be ready for pre-order. As for pricing, the Essential Phone will be sold for something round $700 which is slightly more than Apple charges for its recent flagship, but on par with the Galaxy S8.

source: Essential

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