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Emdoor introduces a 7-inch Windows tablet at ridiculous low price of $65

ByinTablets | October 14, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1During this week’s HKTDC tech event in Hong Kong, we could witness the premiere of a very interesting Windows tablet. The 7-inch slate is called the Emdoor EM-I8170 and comes labeled with ridiculous low price tag of $65, which makes it even cheaper than the most affordable Pipo Work W4 Windows 8.1 tablet priced at $81 that we introduced last month. Let’s check what this super cheap tablet can offer its users.

Emdoor presents the cheapest Windows tablet yet

Emdoor EM-I8170First of all, being conscious that nothing comes for free we shouldn’t expect any cutting edge technology, since low price, just as usual, is the effect of low-end hardware. So, what do we actually get when buying one of those ridiculously cheap slates?

The tech specs of the new Emdoor EM-I8170 are nothing more but decent. Its 7-inch display sporting 1024x 600 p of resolution appears to have limited viewing angles. The slate is powered by an Intel quad-core Bay Trial processor paired with 1GB RAM and 16GB of built-in storage.

Additionally, the tablet is said to run Windows 8.1, which may be one and only advantage of the slate, making it a serious competitor for other affordable Windows tablets like for example the HP’s Stream 7 featuring a quad-core Atom chipset coupled with 1GB RAM that costs $99.

It should be also mentioned that the price of $65 isn’t officially said to be the final retail price, perhaps it is the price that other companies will pay when buying the device from the manufacturer in order to rebrand it. So, a considerable increase in the slate’s final price is highly probable. Still, the company boast around that they have already collected more than 50,000 order for the device.

Though it goes without saying that the Emdoor EM-I8170 isn’t a cutting edge machine, it is seems to be a quick and easy way for Microsoft to conquer the sector of the entry-level product market when offering such cheap tablets. But, what about the user’s experience? If the final product delivers a poor user’s experience, it has no chances to gain on popularity. On the other hand, there will be always customers who value low price over the device’s specs, then the new Emdoor tablet is a perfect offer for them.

The tablet is reported to be available exclusively in China, its global debut isn’t confirmed. So, we don’t know whether it will cross the boundaries of its home market and be released to the US market.

source: Padnews

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