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Dual-boot smartphone capable of running two operating systems coming in June

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 4, 2014

Android WindowsHave you noticed that phone makers seem to like even numbers lately. There is a tendency on the market that things are better when coming in twos. For instance, dual cameras became a standard set in smartphones. Dual SIM devices are very popular in emerging markets and among users who often travel abroad. Dual band CDMA / GSM smartphones flood US market. A Russian company Yota Devices has launched YotaPhone with two screens. What we haven’t heard about until today are dual-boot smartphones capable of running two operating systems: Windows and Android at once.

Karbonn Mobile Dual-Boot Smartphone

Bluebird Dual-Boot PhoneWell folks, let’s get ready because the first handset that dual-boots Android and Windows Phone 8.1 is on its way. According to Times of India, Karbonn Mobiles is working on such device and if everything goes as planned, the handset should be ready for release around June. The India-based company has recently signed at contract with Microsoft which allows it to use Windows OS on its phones. The first handsets with Windows Phone 8.1 on board are expected to arrive before the dual-boot versions.

At this point, with the dual-boot device still being just a concept, it is hard to discuss advantage and disadvantages of such phone. What we can say with some degree of certainty is that the phone will be aimed at professionals and tech-savvy users.

The idea of dual-boot device is not entirely new. Earlier this year, at CES, Intel and ADM briefly mentioned that their new would be capable of supporting both Windows and Android. Switching between the platforms wouldn’t require any effort and could be done with just the press of one button. Also Samsung tried to experiment with the idea of dual-OS device. In June the company announced the ATIV Q – a laptop which dual-boots Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8.

The Karbonn dual-boot phone seems to be another step on a bumpy road to friendship between Microsoft and Google. Previous one was taken last month when Nokia, up until recently offering only Windows Phone device, announced its new family of phones, the Nokia X which run on Android OS.

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