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Dot smartwatch for blind users converts phone’s messages into braille

ByinSmartwatches | August 10, 2015

Watch with braille for blind users
Advanced technology has always been a true ally for disabled people making their lives at least a bit easier. This time the mobile technology will meet the needs of blind smartphone users allowing them to check their messages without the necessity of reading them aloud. What’s most important, the Dot braille smartwatch helps the visually impaired to use their handsets in a more natural without ruining the budget.

Dot affordable smartwatch for visually impaired users offers messages in braille

Dot Smartwatch
Apple for a long time enables features that make iPhones an effective tool for the visually impaired users. For example, Siri is able to read messages aloud and set of functions that allow blind users navigating the phone. The Dot watch steps forward and will be the very first wearable giving such customers an opportunity to use their phones more privately. There will be no need for reading personal messages aloud.

Naturally, a braille reader isn’t a completely new idea. Such devices have been invented some time ago, but in most cases their whooping price can be a bit discouraging. The Dot is created to change this situation since the device is promised to cost something round $300.

Looking like a combination of a smartwatch and fitness band the Dot offers its users pretty much the same tasks as more mainstream smartwatches. It tells the time, give navigation directions, reminds about important events and assignments, enables communication with your friends and connects with other devices via Bluetooth 4.0 (Dot is compatible with both Android and iOS platform).

What distinguish the Dot from other smartwatches is its display – it is not a regular touch screen panel. Instead, this tiny wearable has been equipped with perforated holes employing pins and magnets that rise to convert the message content into braille. So, when the message comes the Dot user receives a vibration alert and then he or she can run their finger along the face of the watch with a sequence of points reading the text.

This method isn’t only far more discreet but as well more convenient, since those experience with braille can become familiar with the message faster than when listening to voice assistant. It’s also important that the Dot user can adjust the speeds of writing the text. Additionally, the smartwatch offers its own braille learning course and can last up to 10 hours without charging.

Furthermore, this unique display can also serve as a form of an e-reader giving visually impaired users a cheaper alternative to already accessible on the market portable braille e-readers that cost something round $2.000 or $3.000.

With pre-orders kicking off later this year the Dot is expected to hit the market sometime in December. If the smartwatch proves to be successful, its manufacturer plans to implement this fluid braille technology to other devices like for instance ATM machines and public transport terminals.

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