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What’s the difference between phablet and smartphone? When you should buy a phablet

ByinTips & Guides | March 12, 2014

Sony PhabletA phablet is a term that arrived quite recently to our dictionary. It is a combination of two words: phone and tablet. The term began popping out frequently as Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup was gaining popularity in 2011. A phablet term is now being used to describe any device that fits somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet with decisive factor being a size of the screen. Typically, a phone featuring display between 5 and 6.9 inches diagonally is referred as a phablet. As any mobile device, using a phablet bring advantages and disadvantages. You know, bigger it doesn’t mean always better, right? Let’s take a look if buying a phablet is right for you.

Having a Phablet – Advantages.

Samsung PhabletToday every major smartphone maker has at least one phablet in its offer and it seems that the popularity oversized smartphones keeps growing. And no wonder, since owning a device with big screen has many advantages. First of all, the bigger the display the easier it is to read, navigate and browse the web. Also playing games or watching movies on the go bring much more fun on bigger screens.

Secondly, functionality and more features. Some phablets, for example the Samsung Galaxy Note, come with stylus pen that allows users to write down or draw anything right on the screen. Another advantage of getting a phablet is great value. Despite of the higher cost than usual smartphone, using phablets is a smart way to save money. Instead of buying a smartphone and tablet with cellular connectivity you just get one device that offers features of both and pay only one bill for data service from your carrier.

Disadvantages of using a Phablet.

Nokia PhabletHowever, as any electronic device, there are also a few downsides of owning an oversized smartphone. As mentioned earlier, they are related mainly to bigger mobile phones. Some phablets are really huge, not to mention about the weight. For this reason most phablet models won’t fit in an average pocket. You will need to have a purse, backpack or a really big pocket to carry the device with you.

A typical smartphone is designed to be easily used with one hand, which is quite a challenge with a phablet. Due to its large dimensions you need to hold the device in one hand while using the other for navigating or playing. Finally, having a conversation via phablet is not an easy task. It is uncomfortable to hold, not to mention the look you get when you cover half of your face with tablet-sized phone.

When you should buy a Phablet.

In terms of hardware, like smartphones and tablets, phablets range from entry-level offerings to high-end premium devices, each offering a different set of specs and features characteristic of their class. The decision whether you should choose a phablet over a smartphone ultimately comes down to your needs, preferences and your budget. If you feel like that an average 4.5-inch  or 4.7-inch smartphone doesn’t provide enough space for smooth mobile experience then a phablet could be the right solution for you.

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