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Dell teases the new Venue 8 7000, the thinnest tablet at 6 mm

ByinTablets | September 11, 2014

Dell Venue 8 7000All of you thinking that contest for the title of “the thinnest” device is only limited to the smartphone sector, you all are wrong. Everything suggests that tablets join the race with Dell teasing us with the new Venue 8 7000 tablet at its press conference for developers. The Dell’s measuring only 6 mm Venue is said to be the thinnest tablet that features a 8.4-inch display. In comparison, the latest iPad Mini is 7.5 mm thick, so the Dell’s design achievement looks really impressive.  Let’s take a close-up at the device offerings.

Dell Venue 8 7000 – the slimmest tablet yet

Dell Venue 8 7000.Although it may seem hard to decrease the dimensions of tablets (due to its massive components), the “thinnest world’s tab” title has quite a long history. Everything started along with Galaxy Tab S. The featuring super slim AMOLED screen, 6.6 mm thick Galaxy Tab S was the first slate hailed as the slimmest tablet, but that was in June. Later, at last week IFA Sony presented its 8-inch Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact which profile measures only 6.4 mm. And just right now Dell challenges Samsung and Sony announcing it 6-inch thick Venue 8 700.

Despite the Dell’s Venue 8 7000’s display is not equipped with the Super AMOLED as Samsung’s, it uses OLED tech, which means that you will get almost the same advantages as using AMOLED tech. The 8.4-inch screen comes along with high resolution of  2560×1600 screen, which copes pretty well with the Dell gallery app that the manufacturer is boasting about.

Aside of the high-tech screen, the new Venue 8 7000 is said to sport Intel RealSense, which is an improved photography solution that creates the image’s HD depth map that allows to change the focus of the already made pic, change filters and make measurements of the object in a photo. Though Dell shows off that this is a feature that will revolutionize the smartphone photography, the HTC One M8 Duo Camera performs almost the same features, but without requiring two shooters. Dell promises that their new tablet will open the doors to experiencing new capabilities and new ways of using tablets inviting developers to create apps that will change the way customers will deal with their photos.

Going further the Dell Venue 8 7000 is reported to run Android and be powered by the quad-core Intel Atom Z3500 processor. Sadly, at this point we know nothing more on the slate’s tech parameters.

Though the tablet’s pricing, availability and specific date of launch are still a mystery, the Venue 8 7000 is rumored to hit store shelves sometime round the time for holiday. So, we may assume it be a frequent position on the gift wish list.

source: Dell

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