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Dell Project Ophelia USB Android stick to hit stores in August at price $100

ByinAnnouncements | May 20, 2013

Dell USB Android StickFor some time Dell has been busy working on an innovative project called Wyse Project Ophelia. The company’s main objective is to deliver full PC-like Android-powered experience to any screen or display via a device the size of a USB stick. We could take a look at the device for the first time back in January at CES and it appears that it is almost ready to roll out. According to our sources, Dell is planning to present Ophelia’s possibilities during the international Citrix Synergy conference which will take place next week in Los Angeles.

Dell Ophelia USB stick to be launched in August

Dell OpheliaDevelopers interested in writing Android apps for the device will be able to get their hands on the Ophelia in July. The device is scheduled to hit the stores one month later, in August. It will sport a relatively inexpensive price tag of just about $100. The Ophelia will be available through various cable companies or telecom providers as well as Dell’s official store.

The Ophelia has a huge potential as it could make a budget-friendly and portable alternative to tablets and computers. The dongle is capable of booting Android platform on any device with a HDMI port such as projectors, TVs and computer displays. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the device also offers access to Wyse PocketCloud service.

The Ophelia will run Android 4.0, or higher, and will provide access to Google Play store content including apps, movies, TV shows and more. Dell also promises to equip the dongle with security features such as the possibility to remotely erase data, monitor Ophelia’s activity or track its location.

source: PC World

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