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Cricket Wireless new promos include better value data plans and free phones

ByinFREE Phones | January 27, 2017

Cricket Wireless new promos include better value data plans
Just few days ago we reported about Metro PCS’ new plans and cell phones offers. This Tuesday T-Mobile’s subsidiary prepaid carrier, except for giving more data for less, began throwing in free smartphones. Today AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless kicks off with a similar deal. The provider increases its data allotment and offers free handsets to all customers who want to leave their existing carrier and switch to Cricket.

Cricket Wireless announces new promo. The carrier bumps up data allotment in their plans starting from the $40 one and offers free phones to switchers.

New Data Plans

To begin with the new plans, as of today Cricket Wireless is increasing the amount of high-speed data in its plans. From now on those on $40 plan will get 3GB of LTE data instead of previous 2.5GB, whereas for $60 per month you can get 12GB instead of the regular 10GB, which means a 20 percent increase. Those who want to enjoy the unlimited LTE data may make their dreams come true for just $70 per month. Meanwhile, recently increased from 5GB to 8GB amount of data within the $50 plan isn’t subject to change. For that money you will still get 8GB of data. Even though this particular plan still looks great. Note that after the data allotment promo, Metro PCS is still offering only 5GB of LTE data for $50. The same with the $30 plan, those choosing the lowest plan offered by Cricket will receive just 1GB of LTE data.

Cricket Wireless announces new promo
Interestingly enough, monthly payments for all those plans (except for the lowest one) can be reduced by $5 if you enroll for AutoPay Credit.

Free Cricket Phones

Moving on to the free phones, the list includes not twelve but only four models. You can choose among the Alcatel Streak,  the Samsung Galaxy Amp 2, the ZTE Sonata 3-FREE and the LG Spree. But in order to benefit from the promo you need to port your existing number to Cricket. Those eligible for update or opening new lines will be charged $9.99 for the Alcatel Streak, $19.99 for the Samsung Galaxy Amp 2, $29.99 for the ZTE Sonata 3, and  $49.99 for the LG Spree.

Other than that, you can also buy the LG Escape 3 for $19.99 if you’re a switcher, or for $59.99 if you’re an upgrader or simply activating a new line of service. The Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime may be yours for $29.99 if you bring your number, or for $79.99 if you eligible for upgrade or opening a new line. In addition, Cricket has also discounted the LG X Power selling it for $49.99 or $99.99 dependently on whether you switch or upgrade, and the LG Stylo 2 for $79.99 to switchers and for $129.99 to upgraders and those activating new lines. In order to take advantage of the free or discounted handsets you need to sign up for a $30 plan or higher.

The new offer is up and running on Cricket’s website and local dealer stores.

source: Cricket Wireless

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