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Cricket announces new “5 Smartphone Lines for $100” Plan and Trade-in Program

ByinAnnouncements | January 27, 2014

Cricket WirelessIf you are looking for savings on your phone bills, you may want to check out Cricket’s new “5 Smartphone Lines for $100” plan which was announced along with “The Nation’s Best Trade-In” program. Both programs went live Sunday January 26th and are available to both current and new Cricket customers at company-owned stores and premier dealers. The promotions are announced just in time for tax season and will help you save quite a lot of your hard-earned cash.

Cricket’s Multi-line Plan and Trade-in Offer

Cricket Plans for Half PriceThe “5 Smartphone Lines for $100” plan is aimed at customers who are interested in multiple smartphone lines. The plan allows you to combine five smartphone lines for a total of $100 per month, which is $20 per line. Want to save even more? No problem. Just sign up for Automatic Bill Pay and your monthly bill will go down to $95.

The plan includes unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of high-speed data. Cricket’s new multi-line plan also includes Muve Music with unlimited access to more than 17 million songs just waiting to be listened or downloaded to your phone.

“The Nation’s Best Trade-In” program works basically the same as any other trade-in program. The main difference is that Cricket’s program will “triple” the value of your old phone. The carrier promises to give you a credit of at least $30 for a Cricket phone and $15 for any other phone, which you then will be able to use towards the purchase of a new phone or accessories.

source: Cricket via Phone Scoop

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One Response to “Cricket announces new “5 Smartphone Lines for $100” Plan and Trade-in Program”

  1. Pamela Gillis on September 26, 2014 @ 5:04 pm

    If you have three lines that you want to have service for, how will the set up be and what would it cost since you are giving service for 5 lines at $100

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