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Pretty creative ideas of the next-generation and future iPhone: iPhone 6 with Eye ID, iPhone 6C, iPhone Air concept

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 15, 2013

iPhone 6C ConceptThe latest iPhone was launched in September so it is still very young player even when we take under consideration that smartphones age rather fast. However, it seems to be old enough for the talks and speculations about next-generation iPhone as they started increasing in intensity. Some of the ideas are pretty creative; maybe even a tad too creative for the present state of technology. For example, Italian designer Set Solutions imagines the iPhone 6 could come with Eye ID Retinal Scanner.

The iPhone 6 Eye ID, iPhone 6C and iPhone Air

iPhone Eye ID ConceptThe Eye ID Retinal Scanner would serve basically for the same purpose as Touch ID,  but could add some more advanced functionality. By using a beam-like technology, the Eye ID Retinal Scanner would scan your retina in order to confirm your identity and let you unlock your phone.

Moreover, the Retina scan could provide easy and secure access to your online banking account or allow you to make purchases from iTunes and the App Store. The idea is interesting; however, chances that we will see it in the next-generation iPhone are close to none at this point. For one, the technology is too expensive and not small enough to fit into a smartphone. More distant future looks more promising, though.

There are some other concepts concerning the next-generation iPhone. iPhone Air ConceptOne model, known as the Apple iPhone Air is a mixture of iPhone and iPad Air design. Another model, called iPhone 6C, could be the first curved iPhone, hence the „C” in the name.

These concepts, however, are obviously not leaks but imaginative ideas that stand little chance to materialize. At least for now.

source: iClarified / RedmondPie

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