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Apple discontinued iPad Air 2 in favor of a new, better and cheaper 9.7″ iPad

ByinTablets | March 21, 2017

Earlier today Apple has expanded its iPad lineup
Earlier today Apple has expanded its iPad lineup, adding a new affordable tablet to its portfolio. The Cupertino-company has dropped the iPad Air 2 from its offer in favor of a new slate with a simple though saying everything name “iPad”. The new device looks pretty much the same as its predecessor, however it comes with several internal upgrades and a really eye-catching price tag.

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Barnes & Noble is back with Android Marshmallow tablet that costs only fifty bucks

ByinTablets | November 21, 2016

On Black Friday Barnes and Nobles will start to sell the Nook Tablet 7”
Rivalry to conquer the hearts of bookworms nationwide this shopping season has just begun. Considered the cheapest e-book-oriented tablet the Amazon’s Fire has gain a serious competitor to fight with this Black Friday, as Barnes and Noble has just announced their new tablet. Priced only fifty bucks the upcoming Nook Tablet 7” is an pretty basic Android slate equipped with customized Nook software out of box.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) Android tablet with S Pen

ByinTablets | September 13, 2016

Released some time ago the Galaxy Tab A has just received a successor
Released some  time ago the Galaxy Tab A has just received a successor. The new generation of the Samsung’s tablets has been just introduced to its home-market of South Korea, where it is sold for an equivalent of $440. Although the device comes equipped in a package of quite respectful specs, its biggest selling points are a massive 7,300 mAh battery and S Pen enhanced input.

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Need a cheap tablet? AT&T is about to sell Trek 2 HD Android tablet for just a buck

ByinTablets | August 2, 2016

The Trek 2 HD is on its way to AT&T
If you are looking for an inexpensive smartphone, there’s a pretty wide selection of such devices. If you are in luck, you can even grab a unit for free. But what if you need a cheap tablet? Worry not, there are a few devices worth your attention out there and starting this Friday, there’s going to be one more as AT&T is about to sell Trek 2 HD Android tablet for just a buck.

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Verizon ASUS ZenPad Z8 is now open for pre-orders priced as low as $10 per month

ByinTablets | June 17, 2016

Verizon Branded ASUS ZenPad Z8
In case you’re in need for a compact and powerful tablet, Verizon has an offer that may catch you attention. In partnership with ASUS the Big Red unveiled today the ZenPad Z8. Being an 8-incher the slate packs solid hardware and LTE connectivity, which altogether make it a perfect work companion and portable center of entertainment. The ZenPad Z8 is already available for pre-order with its shipping planned to kick off next week.

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T-Mobile’s weekend promo include a free 8-inch Android tablet by LG

ByinTablets | May 14, 2016

T-Mobile Weekend Promo
Need a new tablet? This weekend T-Mobile gives you a great opportunity to get one completely out of charge. Within another edition of the “Get Tablet on Us” promo the Magenta network is offering an LG G Pad F8.0 for free to every customer who will sign up for one of the carrier’s mobile internet plans that start as low as $10 per month. As for the tablet itself, the LG G F8.0 provides its customers with a built-in stylus for comfortable and precise input and a 8-inch screen panel perfect for watching movies and surfing the net.

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Amazon brings trio of new color variants to the $50 Fire tablet including magenta, tangerine and blue

ByinTablets | April 21, 2016

The Fire Kids Edition 7 with durable green kid-proof case
A week ago Amazon launched another member of the Kindle family, the thin Kindle Oasis e-reader. Today the company prepared an offer for all those of us who opt for a more full-featured tablet while introducing new color options to the well-known budget-friendly Fire. Starting today, except for a traditional black variant, the device is available in three more playful color options, including magenta, tangerine and blue.

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Alcatel POP 7 LTE Android T-Mobile exclusive tablet is now on sale labeled with tempting low price of $130

ByinTablets | April 20, 2016

Alcatel’s POP tablet line receives a new member

If you’re looking for an affordable tablet for web browsing, then the Alcatel POP 7 LTE should get on your radar. Announced today the device is an exclusive T-Mobile offering priced at generous $129.99. As its name suggest the slate comes equipped with a 4G LTE connectivity support for ultra-fast net surfing and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Although, judging by the specs, the Alcatel POP 7 isn’t an alternative proper for those who want a mobile device to replace their laptop when they’re on the move, it offers all the basic functions we expect from a modern tablet at reasonable price tag.

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Apple announced the new 9.7″ iPad Pro and new new lower prices on older iPads

ByinTablets | March 21, 2016

Apple officially introduced today the smaller version of the iPad Pro
Released in 2016 the massive 12.9-inch iPad Pro was widely considered one the most comfortable tablets due to screen size-factor. However, there were also many users who although fell in love with the device’s specs, would prefer it to have a more compact body. Conscious of the needs of its customers Apple officially introduced today the long-rumored smaller version of the iPad Pro equipped with a more typical 9.7-inch display.

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Panasonic unveils new heavy-rugged Toughpad FZ tablets that look like phones

ByinTablets | February 25, 2016

New heavy-rugged Toughpad FZ tablets that look like phones
Perhaps Panasonic isn’t the first company that pops up to your mind when thinking about mobile devices, but thanks to its Toughpads it is definitely well-known to all those customers who like outdoor activity and need a solid compact tablets. Today, on the third day of the MWC expo Panasonic unveiled the latest updates to the introduced in 2014 line of heavy-rugged tablets. The Toughpad FZ-N1 and FZ-F1 come closed in an extremely durable body case and may offer one of the fastest processor.

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Verizon announces Ellipsis Kids tablet with age-appropriate content, colorful rugged bumpers and parental controls

ByinTablets | November 6, 2015

The newest tablet for kids coming from Verizon
It’s not a secret that tablets, smartphones and other adult equipment make the best toys for kids of all ages. The problem is that adult devices are usually pretty fragile and may not survive the treatment little hands can give, not to mention all the inappropriate content a child may access when using a tablet unsupervised. That’s why many manufacturers release devices made especially for kids. The latest addition to kid-friendly tablet portfolio comes from Verizon. The carrier just announced the Ellipsis Kids tablet with age-appropriate content, colorful rugged bumpers and parental controls.

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Samsung and Barnes launches the Galaxy Tab E Nook featuring a bigger screen along with a more modest price

ByinTablets | October 8, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Nook
It’s not a secret that electronics industry is a tough one to succeed. All it takes is one bad turn, delayed response to competition’s move or sometime just bad luck and you are headed for trouble. A while ago it seemed that Barnes & Nobel hit a rough patch with its Nook brand after Microsoft ended its partnership with the company and sales results from 2014 were less than satisfactory. However, it appears that together with Samsung‘s offer of cooperation came also salvation. Last month the companies launched the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook and now they are back with the Galaxy Tab E Nook featuring a bigger screen along with a more modest price of just $249.99.

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Microsoft kicks off the best tablet computer for 2015, meet the new Surface Book ultimate 2 in 1 laptop

ByinTablets | October 7, 2015

Surface Book 2 in 1 laptop
Microsoft announced a bunch of new devices at yesterday’s even in New York City. In addition to three Lumia smartphones and a next generation Surface Pro tablet, the Redmond company also kicked off the best tablet computer for 2015 called Surface Book. In fact, it’s Microsoft’s first laptop offering ultimate 2 in 1 experience.

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Microsoft unleashes the Surface Pro 4 with bigger screen, smaller bezels, new stylus and thinner keyboard

ByinTablets | October 6, 2015

Surface Pro 4

While Surface Pro users didn’t have to wait for a new model quite as long as Lumia fans, many felt that a new tablet is way overdue. Luckily, the wait is finally over. During an event in New York City, Microsoft unleashed the Surface Pro 4 equipped with a bigger screen, smaller bezels, new stylus and thinner keyboard. Unlike the Lumias, the company didn’t skip a generation and the Surface Pro 4 directly follows the Surface Pro 3.

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Google takes on Surface and iPad Pro and intros Pixel C Android Marshmallow tablet with smart keyboard-case

ByinTablets | September 29, 2015

Pixel C tablet
Today at its special press conference Google announced the Pixel C, a notebook-tablet hybrid device. Being the company’s response to the Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad Pro, the new slate is a pro-oriented portable device equipped with a big 10.2-inch screen panel and a smart keyboard-case that should meet all productivity needs required by professionals. Worth to mention that the new Google product is the very first tablet to run the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

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Verizon Galaxy Tab E XLTE powered Android tablet is now on sale via carrier’s online store

ByinTablets | September 24, 2015

Samsung Tablet
Remember when last June Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Tab E? Today, the XLTE-capable version of this entry-level Android-based tablet hits Verizon online store priced at $329. If you’re looking for an affordable device for browsing the net on the go, the Verizon Galaxy Tab E should be on your radar since it brings the fastest available connectivity and a big readable display at a comparatively low cost.

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Starting today you can get the new iPad Mini 4 with 4G LTE on T-Mobile network for $0 down

ByinTablets | September 18, 2015

The giant iPad Pro is currently definitely the biggest star of the Apple’s tablet family, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a device for everyone. If you’re put off by its premium price or size, you can think over getting yourself the more compact iPad Mini 4. Starting today, you may jump on T-Mobile and get yourself the latest 4G LTE-capable update to the iPad Mini line for $0 down.

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Amazon refreshed its Fire HD tablet range, bumping up screen quality, durability, and value for money

ByinTablets | September 17, 2015

New Fire Tablets
If you are in the market for a new tablet, Amazon may be the place to look for one, as the retailer has just made official a whole bunch of new slates. In addition to the super affordable Fire and Fire Kids Edition, the company also refreshed its Fire HD tablet range, bumping up screen quality, durability, and value for money; meet the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10.

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Amazon kicks off 7-inch tablet priced for $49.99 along with Kids Edition for $99.99

ByinTablets | September 17, 2015

Buy 5 Fire Tablets get one free
Amazon’s Fire series (earlier known as Kindle Fire) dates back to 2012. During these years the retailer kept an annual upgrade schedule and this time is no different. Amazon typically unveils its tablets in fall, so we knew that we could expect an announcement soon, especially since there were rumors suggesting that new devices were on the way. It turns out that the rumors were spot on – Amazon just kicked off a 7-inch Fire tablet priced at $49.99 along with Kids Edition for $99.99.

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Apple lowered iPad prices as the new iPad Mini 4 gets official

ByinTablets | September 9, 2015

iPad Mini 4
While giving a wide-coverage announcement to the gargantuan 12.9-inch iPadPro, Apple almost forgot to mention about the iPad Mini 4. Breaking with its October release tradition, the Cupertino team introduced this afternoon a new update to the iPad Mini series that can be simply described as a smaller alternative to the iPad Air 2. Except for delivering world brand new tablets, Apple simultaneously updated iPad prices making the older generations more affordable.

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