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Sony SmartWatch 2 coming to stores late September at price $263

ByinSmartwatches | September 5, 2013

Sony Smartwatch 2 on handSony’s SmartWatch 2 was officially presented to the public in June. However, the company apparently felt that the device needed more attention, especially when Galaxy Gear was announced yesterday, so the SmartWatch 2 was today introduced one more time. The device will arrive at stores in Europe later this month wearing a price tag of €179 (about $236). This is the price for the standard black silicone strap model. If you want to go more stylish, the stainless steel strap model will cost €199 (around $263). If you like to match the watch to your clothing, color silicone straps will set you back additional €19 each.

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Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch that can make phone calls, surf Internet and take photos

ByinSmartwatches | September 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartwatchesParticipants of this year’s IFA in Berlin sure are impatient. The show has not even officially begun yet and the biggest names in the world of smart devices are already presenting their achievements. After Sony and its Xperia Z1, now it is time for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch that can make phone calls, surf Internet and take photos. The device will go on sale on September 25th in more than 140 countries, according to Sammy’s promise. The Galaxy Gear will be priced at $299 in the US.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch prototype leaks, official announcement on September 4th

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Smartwatches | September 2, 2013

SamsungYou may have come across a photo of the upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch by Samsung, which leaked a couple of days ago. We can’t blame you if you are still in shock. The device caught on camera looks less than attractive. Don’t get discouraged, though. Apparently, it was nothing more than a prototype available to developers. It seems that the final product will have a different appearance, at least according to Om Malik. And let’s hope that it is true, because a wearable miniature version of the Galaxy S4 is not the best idea for a smartwatch.

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Pebble Smartwatch is now for sale at price $149.99 via BestBuy online store

ByinSmartwatches | July 3, 2013

Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone or AndroidIf you have been following Kickstarter campaigns, you know that some of the products never come to life. Not Pebble, though. The smartwatch made it all the way up to stores and is now available for purchase at Best Buy. Exclusive to Best Buy, the black model of the Pebble watch is up for grabs online for $149.99. Brick and mortar stores will start selling the smartwatch on June 7th. The only color option available for the time being is black. If red is more your color, you will have to wait till August. Other hues are available only on the Pebble website.

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Sony unveils new bigger and better SmartWatch 2 compatible with more Android phones

ByinSmartwatches | June 27, 2013

Sony Smartwatch 2Sony’s SmartWatch was one of the first devices of this kind. It was a nice little gadget to wear on your wrist, however it had some downsides, such as uncooperative software and high pricing. One year later and Sony is back with slightly redesigned and updated version of the device. The SmartWatch 2, as it is called, will be available for purchase some time in September this year.

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Secret Labs to launch Agent Smartwatch with Qi wireless charging and two processors

ByinSmartwatches | May 26, 2013

Smartwatch Wireless ChargingSmartwatches certainly are not nearly as popular as smartphones, but they are continuously gaining more and more fans. There are not too many manufacturers offering these little gadgets as of today, but the choice just got a little wider with Secret Labs introducing their smartwatch Agent. At first glance, the Agent seems to resemble the Pebble with its 1.28-inch Sharp display. What makes this device stand out is hidden inside, though.

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Sony SmartWatch gets software update with new features, tweaks and apps

ByinSmartwatches | April 1, 2013

Sony SmartwatchesSamsung and Apple are proudly touting their upcoming smartwatches, but the fact is that there are already quite decent intelligent timepieces on the market, like the SmartWatch by Sony. The device may not be as advanced as the smartwatches that Samsung and Apple are currently working on, but it is still a nifty and quite useful gadget and it is priced at just $130. Now, thanks to a new software update, the watch is even better.

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Samsung Galaxy Altius watch coming this year with lower price than Apple iWatch

ByinSmartwatches | March 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy AltiusWith the smartphone market slowly reaching saturation, more and more companies are looking for new product lines to secure their sources of income. This is the case not only with small companies but most of all the leading manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung, who will have much more to lose when sales rates begin to drop. The latter confirmed today that it is planning to launch Galaxy Altius, a smartwatch that the company has been preparing for some time now.

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i’m Watch by I’m S.p.A. to be the first real Android smartwatch

ByinSales & Special Offers, Smartwatches | March 2, 2013

im Watch by SpAWe have already seen quite a few smartwatches in the market, some of them more or less successful, but as the Italian company I’m S.p.A. claims, their latest product – I’m Watch, is the first one to truly deserve this name. The model from the color collection is currently on sale for just $349, which means $100 in savings, since the regular price is $449.

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Apple working on iOS Smartwatch together with Intel, rumor has it

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Smartwatches | December 28, 2012

iOS SmartwatchIf the latest rumors are to be believed, we may be wearing on our wrist Apple smartwatches before the first half of 2013 ends. According to some sources, Apple is supposedly working on something big and it might be an entirely new class of product. Interestingly, some analysts like Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster agree that an iOS smartwatch is a possibility.

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Save $40 on Sony Android SmartWatch MN2SW, on sale for just $89.99

ByinSmartwatches | November 30, 2012

Sony SmartWatchHi there gadget lovers. Having trouble deciding what you want to get or give this holiday season? We may have something interesting for you – what about the Sony SmartWatch MN2SW powered by Android software. Actually, the device is not a new product, since it has been around for several months, but there is a nice surprise concerning its price. The SmartWatch is priced at Sony’s official webstore for $129.99. However, now you can also purchase the watch through Expansys online store for only $89.99, which means $40 in savings.

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Motorola MOTOACTV now for sale at price $149. Get $100 OFF on the latest Android Smartwatch

ByinSmartwatches | August 9, 2012

Motorola MOTOACTV smartwatch now for sale at price $149
Not so long ago we witnessed the appearance of a new category of mobile smart devices – smartwatches, running on Android software, which are becoming more and more popular. After Sony Smartwatch and Pebble smartwatch were introduced to the world, Motorola answered with the MOTOACTV.


Learn more about the Motorola MOTOACTV

The Motorola MOTOACTV is a functional and stylish, yet simple in design watch can serve as a fitness tracker and MP3 player and, of course, stop watch and timer. Accusense technology and butli-in GPS will track your workout data like time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate as well as monitor your performance for running, cycling, golf and up to 40 other activities. The data can be uploaded to MOTOACTV Training Portal. The memory of 8 GB or 16 GB will provide plenty of space for your music and as befits a smartwatch, MOTOACTV will learn and remember which songs help you most in your training. This revolutionary training system will create playlists that will motivate you through even the toughest workouts and maximize your potential.

The latest Android software upgrade will help you define your targets for each stage of any activity including running, walking, cycling and more, for example, by dividing each training into warm up, workout and cool down phases. MOTOACTV also connects to Facebook, Twitter and featured new golf software thanks to which you can track your game on over 20,000 courses worldwide. GPS tracks distances to greens and hazards and a virtual caddy keeps track of your scorecards, clubs and key statistics. You can share your achievements with your friends at MOTOACTV’s online clubhouse by just connecting your smartwatch to you PC.

Motorola MOTOACTV with GPS Fitness TrackerDesigned for active people, Motorola MOTOACTV is equipped with a scratch-resistant 1.6″ Corning Gorilla Glass to hold up to your toughest workouts, and simple, intuitive touch screen display for quick and easy access to any data which automatically adjusts to lighting conditions and remains clear, indoors and out.

MOTOACTV Multi-Sport Edition features MOTOACTV 8 GB fitness tracker and smart MP3 player, MOTOACTV Bike Mount , Motorola Bike Speed + Cadence Sensor, Motorola Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap, Motorola SF200 Sports Headphones and more.

Deal on Motorola MOTOACTV

All this sounds fantastic but you think you cannot afford MOTOACTV. Here’s a nice surprise. Motorola has dropped the price of the MOTOACTV to $149.99 for the 8 GB model from the original $249 and $199.99 for the 16 GB. The Multi-Sport Edition, with a price tag of $299, may not seem cheap, but still it leaves you with $100 in your pocket when compared to earlier price.

Final incentive is that, unlike Sony Smartwatch or Pebble, MOTOACTV is a standalone product, so you don’t need to pair it with your phone.

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