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Sony Smart Eyeglass Developer Edition is available to order now

ByinSmartglasses | February 17, 2015

Sony SmartglassesSmartglasses are far less popular than smartwatches and nowhere near as popular as smartphones; however, like other smart devices, they hold huge attraction to tech enthusiasts. Smart glasses are a relatively new invention and for this reason demand for such devices is still pretty low, but it doesn’t discourage companies from releasing new smart eyewears. The market potential is huge. Probably the most well-known product so far is Google Glass but the market is about to get more crowded as Sony is also ready to join in the fun. The company’s SmartEyeglass Developer Edition is available for pre-order now.

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Sony announces SmartEyeglass Attach module that will make every glasses smart

ByinSmartglasses | December 17, 2014

Smartglasses by SonyIt looks like the Google’s Glass will have a serious rival in the still little-known smartglasses sector. Today, Sony has boldly announced SmartEyeglass Attach, their own alternative to the Google’s gadget, which biggest advantage over the mentioned Google’s device is that it will make every glasses smart. Thought the product is still in the test phase, the Japanese manufacturer says it will be ready to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that takes place in January 2015.

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Sony SmartEyeGlass coming to the market in the first quarter of 2015

ByinSmartglasses | September 21, 2014

Sony Smarteye GlassRecently, we could witness Sony struggling with reorganization of their mobile division aiming to stop further losses caused by low sales of the Xperia lineup devices. The company has decided to concentrate on the high-end market since they can’t compete with low-mid range devices and their prices offered by Chinese Xiaomi and Meizu. Apparently, Sony appears to be consistent with their decisions, since just this Friday the company announced the SmartEyeGlass, their own Google Glass’s rival. Although the gadget is in still in the prototype stage, the manufacturer says it will be released in the first quarter of 2015.

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Samsung Gear Glass to be launched as Gear Blink in March 2015

ByinSmartglasses | September 12, 2014

Samsung Gear Blink/GlassIt isn’t a huge surprise that Samsung is working on a pair of smartglasses, since rumor on it have been present on the net for months. To tell more, we even expected them to showcase the Gear Glass during this year IFA, but sadly it didn’t happen. But, today we got leaks saying that the first Samsung smartglasses will be launched as Gear Blink in March 2015.

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Lenovo smartglasses concept just got patented to compete with Google Glass

ByinSmartglasses | June 25, 2014

Lenovo Smartglasses PatentIt goes without saying that the idea Google had for its Glass has a lot of potential when approached the right way so it’s only natural that other companies would like to give it a twist too. There was never any doubt that Google won’t be the only one exploring the vast waters of wearable devices. The only question was how soon others will follow and who will be next. The answer is now and it’s Lenovo. The company’s smartglasses concept has just got patented to compete with Google Glass.

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Google intros Titanium Collection frames for Glass that would accommodate corrective lenses

ByinSmartglasses | January 28, 2014

Google Glass with Corrective LensesToday Google made good on its promise to deliver frames for Google Glass that would accommodate corrective lenses. This makes the wearable gadget much more friendly to those users who wear prescription glasses. The new lineup frames are called Titanium Collection and are available in four styles – Thin, Classic, Bold, and Split. Each frame costs $225 and will be shipped with non-prescription lenses, which you will later be able to change for prescription lenses.

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Lumus DK-40 smartglasses coming in 2014 as a Google Glass alternative

ByinSmartglasses | December 8, 2013

Lumus DK-40The selection of electronic devices that you can wear is rapidly growing. It all started with a mobile phone, then moved on to a portable computer and went even further. More and more appliances are also becoming smart, so besides smartphones we also have smartwatches, smartpens, etc. You can even have smartglasses. The first one to take up the subject seriously was Google with its Glass. However, it as just a matter of time until other companies got interested in smartglasses too.

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Google Glass coming this year at price under $1500, the headset is opened for pre-orders

ByinAnnouncements, Smartglasses | February 23, 2013

Google Glass HeadsetA few days after Google posted a video giving you a taste of what to expect from the Google Glass, the company made an announcement about the headset’s expected launch date and pricing. A “fully polished” version of the device will be available to consumers by the end of this year and will cost less than $1,500 when it goes on sale. That is great news and Google fans have been waiting for it for quite some time.

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