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Oppo Find 5, one of the thinnest quad-core smartphones, will be announced on Dec 12

ByinAnnouncements | November 21, 2012

Oppo Find 5The Oppo Find 5 is scheduled to be unveiled on December 12th 2012. The smartphone was said to be the thinnest quad-core device in the world, but in the end, at full 0.35-inch (9 mm), resulted thicker than was initially intended. The Oppo Find 5 boasts a 5-inch Full HD display with a stunning pixel density of 441 ppi. The phone is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, which is exactly what you would expect from a super-phone like the Find 5, which is paired with 2 GB of RAM. The Oppo Find 5 comes with a 2500 mAh battery, a 12 meaixel rear camera, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board. There are still some details to be revealed including the price, but even with a few secrets the phone still looks quite intriguing.

New photos reveals more details about ZTE Grand X Pro and ZTE Avid 4G

ByinAnnouncements | November 20, 2012

Leaked Photos of ZTE Grand X Pro and ZTE Avid 4GIn the weeks to come we expect a number of new phones from ZTE manufacturer to appear on the market the ZTE Grand X Pro and ZTE Avid 4G. Photos and pieces of information are already beginning to leak. While some of them hardly qualify as reliable, others seem quite solid.

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Samsung Galaxy S III for Cricket coming on Nov 27 at price $549 without contract

ByinAnnouncements | November 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III for CricketCricket Communications officially announced availability of the Samsung Galaxy S III (R530) on its network in coming week. The smartphone will be available by November 27 online, in Cricket’s local stores and third party dealers at price $549 without contract. As it could be expected, the price is a bit steep but considering low monthly plan, starting from $50, for unlimited talk, text and data plus lack of the lengthy contract, it may be worth it. The Samsung Galaxy S III will be the second 4G LTE capable device, next to LG Optimus Regard, released on Cricket pre-paid network.

more info: Leapwireless / Cricket

AT&T announces Samsung Rugby III and Sonim XP5560 Bold compatible with Enhanced PTT service

ByinAnnouncements | November 14, 2012

Enhanced PTT service at AT&TAT&T announced Samsung Rugby III and Sonim XP5560 Bold, two heavy-duty rugged devices that will support Enhanced Push-to-Talk service. With Enhanced PTT, customers will be able to communicate faster and across more types of handsets thanks of implementation AT&T 4G LTE network.

The Samsung Rugby III is a water, dust and shock resistant flip phone that features a 2.4-inch QVGA display and a 3 megapixel camera. Will be offered for free with 2-year PTT service agreement. The Sonim XP5560 Bolt is an ultra-rugged phone, which according to AT&T, might be the world’s toughest phone. It will be available for $199.99 on 2-year PTT contract. Availability of the devices have not been disclosed.

more info: AT&T

Verizon announced Samsung Stratosphere 2 Global Ready Android smartphone with QWERTY keyboard

ByinAnnouncements | November 13, 2012

Samsung Stratosphere 2After many leaks and rumors of upcoming Samsung Stratosphere 2, Verizon today officially announced that it will be soon offering the smartphone in its local stores and online. The carrier did not unveil the specific release date, however, what we can expect is that device will cost $129.99 with new contract after $50 mail-in rebate and it will be a global ready device. In terms of features, the Samsung Stratosphere II will offer users a full physical QWERTY keyboard, 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, dual-core 1.2GHz processor Snapdragon S4, 8 MP camera, 4G LTE capability, NFC, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

more info: Verizon

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows 8 smartphone for Verizon finally pictured

ByinAnnouncements | November 12, 2012

Samsung ATIV OdysseyLast week Verizon Wireless announced that the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, a Windows 8 based phone, will be available before the end of the year. Verizon didn’t share more details about the phone.

Today, thanks to courtesy of @evleaks, we can see the Samsung ATIV Odyssey pictured for a first time. Based on the picture we are able to figure out that the smartphone will feature a rear camera with flash, front-facing camera, microSD card slot, and 4G LTE support. The rest of the ATIV Odyssey specs and features remain unknown for now. Verizon is busy preparing for a press event tomorrow during which the Droid DNA phablet will be announced.

source: @evleaks

Samsung Galaxy Express coming to AT&T. Buy one and get $100 off on a second Samsung phone

ByinAnnouncements, Sales & Special Offers | November 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy ExpressAT&T just announced that will launch the Samsung Galaxy Express on November 16th. The Galaxy Express is an Android 4.0 ICS smartphone that has a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 5 megapixel rear camera and front-facing shooter, and 2,000 mAh battery, which accoring to the carrier, offers 11 hours of active 4G LTE connection. Other features include a NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi and memory card slot. Galaxy Express will cost $99 with two-year contract.

For a limited time, customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone at AT&T, including the Galaxy Express, will receive up to $100 off a second connected Samsung device.

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HTC Droid DNA for Verizon, the new 5-inch phablet is expected to be announced next week

ByinAnnouncements | November 6, 2012

Droid DNAThe Droid DNA by HTC will be heading to Verizon any time soon. Verizon and HTC announced today a press event next week during which new Droid smartphone may be announced. The Droid DNA is expected to be a phablet equipped with an impressive 5-inch touch screen, with resolution of 1080 x 1920 that calculates a massive pixel density of 441ppi. Under the hood it is expected to be a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor with 2GB of RAM, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 4+, 4G LTE support, and Beats Audio. The event will be held on November 13th in New York City.

AT&T announced Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 at price $50 cheaper than expected

ByinAnnouncements | November 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920As we expected yesterday, AT&T just officially confirmed of availability of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 in carrier’s stores beginning this Friday, November 9. Pre-orders for both Windows 8 phones start November 7. Also pricing has been revealed and we have some good news for you. The Nokia Lumia 820 will cost $49.99 on contract as speculated, however, Nokia Lumia 920 will cost only $99.99 which is $50 cheaper than we expected yesterday. For a limited time, AT&T will also include a wireless charging plate for free with each purchase of Nokia Lumia 920.

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Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 8X Windows Phones coming to Verizon on November 12th

ByinAnnouncements | November 5, 2012

Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 8X at Verizon | Cheap Phones
Nokia USA’s just updated its site, stating that the Nokia Lumia 822 released for Verizon Wireless network will arrive on two-year contract priced at $99.99. While no release date was officially announced yet, the Windows 8 smartphone has been rumored to be launching on November 12th at carrier’s network.

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Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC coming to AT&T this week

ByinAnnouncements | November 5, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 coming to AT&TAT&T just posted a banner with new Windows 8 smartphones coming soon to the carrier’s store – Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820 and Windows Phone 8X by HTC.

There are couple rumors and unofficial information saying that AT&T is planning to launch the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 later on this week – 9-11 November. The Nokia Lumia 920 will be offered at price $149 on contract and Lumia 820 for $49. The new Lumia 920 will be offered in three colors: blue, yellow and white and may come with free wireless charge pad.

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Motorola Electrify M 4G LTE goes on sale at US Cellular on November 8

ByinAnnouncements | November 4, 2012

Motorola Electrify M for US CellularThe Motorola Electrify M goes on sale online at US Cellular this month. The carrier announced this week that will launch the Motorola Electrify M as of November 8th. The new smartphone will be sold at price for $99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate in an area that receives its 4G LTE signals. In other regions, the device will be $149 after the $100 rebate. Of course, two year contract will apply.

The Motorola Electrify M for US Cellular is an Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone that is equipped with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced screen protected by Gorilla Glass, dual-core 1.5GHz processor, and 8-megapixel main camera with 1.3-megapixel front-facing shooter. Other features include a scratch-resistant and water-repellant outer shell, NFC, a 2,000 mAh battery, and support for US Cellular‘s LTE 4G network. According to the carrier’s note the Motorola Electrify M will be upgradeable to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sometime in the future.

Android ZTE Flash coming to Sprint on November 11 with cool 12 MP camera

ByinAnnouncements | November 4, 2012

ZTE Flash for Sprint
ZTE Flash will aim Sprint’s Android portfolio this month. According to the leak, the Android smartphone loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive to the carrier on November 11. Also the pricing has been revealed. The ZTE Flash will set you back $129.99 with two year contract.

The ZTE Flash comes to Sprint equipped with a 4.5-inch touch screen, a 12 megapixel rear camera with HD video capture, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing shooter, and a 1,730 mAh battery. Under the hood you will find a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, 4G LTE support, and Sprint ID.

Motorola Defy XT Hybrid phone available at Republic Wireless with unlimited plan for $19 per month

ByinAnnouncements, New Phones | July 31, 2012

Republic Wireless with unlimited plan for $19 per month
Republic Wireless, a one-of-a-kind carrier, has announced that it is reopening signups for its beta. Republic Wireless is a division of Bandwith, which provides a full range of communications services, including wholesale voice origination and termination, a full suite of 911 services, hosted VoIP and internet connectivity service for SMBs, and a consumer wireless business.

Founded in 1999 is now one of the fastest-growing communication technology companies. Republic Wireless’ key to the success lies in the idea of relying on your Wi-Fi network for your data and voice needs. For only $19 per month the carrier offers unlimited voice, text, and data service with no contract. Hybrid technology allows for the phone to fully cooperate with Sprint’s network as backup if Wi-Fi is not available in area.

Motorola Defy XT Hybrid phone available for Republic WirelessRepublic Wireless is reentering the market with a new phone, Motorola Defy XT – an heavy duty Android smartphone.

Learn more about Motorola Defy XT

With a crystal-clear 3.7-inch touch screen display with 854 x 540 pixel resolution protected by Corning Gorilla Glass equipped with 1GHz processor, and 512 MB of RAM the Motorola Defy XT Hybrid phone certainly is much more advanced than the previously offered LG Optimus by Republic Wireless .

The phone also features two cameras: 5 megapixel rear and 0.3-megapixel front-facing one. The 1GB of internal storage is expandable with a microSD card up to 32 GB.

The device runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is water-resistant, dust-proof, and scratch-resistant. Dynamic Widgets provide quick access to favorite apps and contacts with automatic updates based on preferences.

Motorola Defy XT costs $249, which at a first thought may seem a lot, but if you consider the unlimited possibilities of Wi-Fi on your phone for just $19 a month and no long term contract it starts to sound like a really good offer. As a special thank you, those members who’ve been with Republic Wireless from the beginning on the LG Optimus will receive an upgrade offer for $100 off the $249 new member price for the DEFY XT.

Since there is already waiting list, you will have to get in line to purchase this indestructible smartphone. How much would you save monthly if your phone bill was only 19 bucks?

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