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AT&T kicks off an unlimited plan for $100 monthly

ByinAnnouncements | February 17, 2017

AT&T joins the unlimited data plan race
By launching its new unlimited plan on Monday, Verizon started a truly Unlimited week. Following Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, AT&T is the last of the major US carriers to join the fan and introduce its new unlimited data deal. Just as the three other service providers, AT&T delivers limitless talk, text and data. All these may be yours for $100 for a single line, or for $180 if you choose a family option.

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Sprint challenges competition and makes its unlimited plan even cheaper

ByinAnnouncements | February 16, 2017

Sprint kicks off with an unlimited plan
Unlimited data plans have been a hot topic over this week. Mobile carriers compete to deliver the most limitless plans and when carriers compete we – customers – win. Three days ago Verizon started a small revolution in the unlimited plans, shortly after that T-Mobile upgraded its own unlimited deal so as to meet the requirements set by Verizon. Today, Sprint is giving us another option by slashing pricing of its unlimited plan to keep the pace of T-Mobile.

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Get best Verizon phones for free if you ditch your carrier and pick Verizon Unlimited plan

ByinAnnouncements | February 14, 2017

Verizon introduces a hard-to-resist offer
Yesterday Verizon announced a new trade-in offer and a new unlimited plan. Oriented at those who want to leave their current carrier and port to Verizon, the new deals when in conjunction allow you to not only score one of the most-wanted smartphones including the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7, but also enjoy the unlimited phone data without video streaming limits.

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Blu unveils a new heavy duty smartphone that can really take a beating

ByinAnnouncements | February 12, 2017

Blu unveils a new heavy duty smartphone
Those familiar with the affordable smartphone market have surely come across Blu handsets more than just once. Florida-based Blu is known for delivering devices offering respectful specs-to-price ratio. This time the company decided to try their chances on the ruggedized phone sector. Called the Blu Rank Xtreme 5.0 the Blu’s newest offering  that can really take a beating as it comes dressed in a heavy duty rubber armor.

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LG G6 is coming to MWC with bezel-free design, LG G6 One, G6 C, G6 L, G6 M are on the way too

ByinAnnouncements | February 8, 2017

LG G6 is coming to MWC
The latest trend in the smartphone industry says that bezels are démodé, and should be as minimal as possible. Conscious of that LG is trying to meet this aesthetic demand and designs a bezel-less LG G6. This is at least what the company’s invitation to the MWC show tells us. Scheduled to debut on February 26th, the G6 will come with “Big Screen… That Fits.”

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Need a luxurious Vertu smartphone for cheap? Leagoo Venture 1 from China is your call

ByinAnnouncements | February 8, 2017

The Leagoo Venture 1 offers premium leather design at affordable price
Vertu phones surely don’t need a special introduction. Considered the most snobbish smartphones they’re out of reach of majority of mobile users. But if you like the Vertu’s distinctive look but cannot afford its pricing, China-based Leagoo’s latest release may catch your attention. The Leagoo Venture 1 offers the same premium leather design at the price of an affordable phone making the Vertu’s luxury available to masses.

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Why you should not buy non-genuine phones from eBay or Craigslist

ByinAnnouncements | January 30, 2017

why you should not buy a non-genuine phones from eBay or Craigslist
We all love savings. This is why many of us tend to buy smartphones from online re-sellers who in most cases are easy on wallets and sell devices noticeably cheaper. In many cases, online sellers also enable access to phones unavailable in your local store. Such practices mean lost profits for authorized distributors and manufacturers but also big risk and a lot of inconveniences for potential users. Recent report says that in order to reduce the number of the Blackphone 2 handsets sold on the grey market, Silent Circle released a software update that disables non-genuine phones.

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BLU Vivo XL2 unlocked smartphone is out bringing greater value for an exceptionally low price

ByinAnnouncements | January 25, 2017

BLU Vivo XL2 is already open for order at Amazon
BLU Products, ‘considered the leader on the US market of unlocked phones‘, has just announced the second gen of its highly successful BLU Vivo XL. The BLU Vivo XL2 sports all those features we love in its predecessor like supreme design, generous specs and improved camera parameters, proving one more time that low price doesn’t have to come at the cost of quality. Looking like a million dollars, the phablet brings even greater value for exceptionally low price.

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LG X300 is a new budget smartphone featuring Android Nougat and fingerprint scanner

ByinAnnouncements | January 17, 2017

LG X300 is a new budget smartphone featuring Android Nougat
CES 2017 is now over so emotions calmed down a bit, at least until next month. However, it doesn’t mean that smartphone makers are resting on laurels. In fact, smart device market is as busy as always with a new product launched practically every day. And today is LG day. The Korean manufacturer just unveiled the LG X300 which is a new budget smartphone featuring Android Nougat and a fingerprint scanner.

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LG Aristo Android Nougat phone to hit T-Mobile and Metro PCS stores next week priced only $6 per month

ByinAnnouncements | January 17, 2017

LG Aristo is the first MetroPCS phone to run Android Nougat
Despite that the flagship phones get the most press attention, the mobile market is still full of customers looking for a budget-friendly smartphone. No matter whether we want to give a first phone to our kids, stay in touch with our grandparents or simply consider a premium flagship a fancy gadget we’re in constant hunt for affordable phones. Today we got another product to consider if you are planning purchasing a cheap phone as T-Mobile and Metro PCS shared that they are about to add the LG Aristo to their lineups. Being an extremely easy on your wallet, this LG phone offers a 5-inch touch screen and runs Android Nougat out of box.

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Galaxy C7 Pro phablet featuring 5.7-inch display, two 16MP cameras and fingerprint scanner will go on sale on January 16th

ByinAnnouncements | January 15, 2017

Galaxy C7 Pro is a China exclusive product

Just a few weeks ago Samsung released a trio of new Galaxy A line smartphones. The dust after the premiere hasn’t settled yet, and the company quickly brings another affordable offering to the market. Dubbed Galaxy C7 Pro this metal phone comes with a massive 5.7-inch screen panel and hides a package of quite decent specs as for this price sector, naturally.

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HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play phones inspired by you and made for you are now official

ByinAnnouncements | January 13, 2017

Earlier today HTC released its latest flagship
Despite launching decent hardware and gaining  positive critical review HTC has been falling behind its competitors for years. To change this state of things the company decided to listen to its customers and design a phone inspired by their needs. Dumping the old approach to the phone’s design HTC opens 2017 with two new smartphones. Both phones, the flagship HTC U Ultra and the more affordable U Play, come as a big surprise in terms of the external look and hardware.

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Nokia plays safe and gets back to the market with a mid-range Nokia 6 running Android Nougat

ByinAnnouncements | January 9, 2017

Nokia in partnership with HMD launches a new mid-range smartphone
Some time ago Nokia shared a word that they’re going to return to the smartphone business in 2017. Keeping the given word, the little forgotten Finnish brand takes the wraps of its new device. Developed under HMD Global, the Nokia 6 perfectly corresponds with all current smartphone trends and offers a combination of premium metal body, solid specs, reasonable price, and Android 7.0 Nougat out of box.

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Huawei Mate 9 is now for sale in the US SIM-lock free compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile

ByinAnnouncements | January 7, 2017

Huawei Mate 9 ports to the States
Announced last year in November the Huawei Mate 9 was originally planned to hit Asia, the Middle East and European markets with no word about the US. This week Huawei shared the news that the giant phone will soon port to the States distributed nationwide by majority of big retailers. As of yesterday, the phone is ready to buy through Amazon and Best Buy. The phone is ready to be used on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Additionally, except for it’s beefy specs the Huawei’s latest flagship offers pre-installed access to Amazon’s Alexa.

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Alcatel announces 6-inch phablet for cheap price that offers a fingerprint scanner and Android Nougat

ByinAnnouncements | January 6, 2017

Alcatel announces 6-inch phablet for cheap price
Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event which draws internationally recognized electronics manufacturers as well as a number of smaller ones. Alcatel might not be the most popular brand in the US, but the company now owned by TCL (the manufacturer which from now on will be making BlackBerry phones) didn’t come to Las Vegas empty-handed. Earlier today, Alcatel announced a 6-inch phablet for cheap price that rocks a fingerprint scanner and Android Nougat.

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Heavy duty Duraforce Pro is now for sale at Verizon featuring Sapphire Shield display and upgraded 3GB RAM

ByinAnnouncements | January 5, 2017

Verizon adds the heavy duty DuraForce Pro to its list of offerings
Some of us value reliability over top-notch gadgets. If you belong to this group of customers and you’re looking for a durable smartphone, we have something that may interest you. Verizon Wireless has just expanded it lineup of rugged phones by another device – the Kyocera DuraForce Pro. Although the carrier isn’t the first one to offer this model, it’s the only one in the US to sell the phone equipped with Sapphire Shield and 3GB RAM.

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Next Blackberry phone featuring full QWERTY hardware keyboard and a svelte design to be announced at MWC

ByinAnnouncements | January 4, 2017

TCL sheds some light on the BlackBerry Mercury
For the past three years BlackBerry has been struggling to stay afloat. Having hit quite a few rough patches, the Canadian manufacturer finally gave in and decided to license the BlackBerry brand to TCL. The very last phone made by BlackBerry was supposed to be a device codenamed Mercury, as we reported last week. The handset was expected to go official at CES and it did. Well, sort of, anyway. The Mercury is not even on sale yet and TCL is already teasing another device. The next Blackberry phone featuring full QWERTY hardware keyboard and a svelte design probably will be announced at MWC, at the end of February.

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LG unveils LG K10, K8, K4 and K3 affordable Android Nougat phones along with the LG Stylus 3 phablet

ByinAnnouncements | January 4, 2017

LG unveils affordable Android Nougat phones
Remember when few days ago we shared the news on LG’s plans to release five new phones during the first week of 2017? Today as the CES 2017 kicked off the company officially unveiled the phones. The upcoming devices are updates to the well-known affordable K line and the pen-enhanced Stylus phablet series. All of them come with improved optics, more powerful batteries and some even run Android Nougat out of box.

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Samsung entered 2017 with three new Galaxy A smartphones that offer cool features and won’t cost much

ByinAnnouncements | January 3, 2017

Samsung entered 2017 with three new affordable Galaxy A smartphones
Samsung isn’t wasting their time and right after New Year Eve announced a trio of new Galaxy A smartphones. Although the line is already quite familiar, the new A3, A5 and A7 seem to redefine the company’s approach to affordable devices. All three handsets come with a package of features that make them all stand out of the crowd of other budget-friendly phones like the Galaxy J series. Here’s everything you should know about the Samsung’s new A series.

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Get unlocked Moto Z Play at half price when you buy Moto Z from Best Buy

ByinAnnouncements | December 20, 2016

Now you can grab un unlocked Moto Z Play from Best Buy
It appears that smartphone market is so saturated that manufacturers and carriers are having a hard time reaching satisfying sales results. To boost the sales, companies often offer various deals and promotions, for instance a free or significantly cheaper phone for customers who buy a particular model. Such deals are especially appealing to customers who are in the market for more than one device. If you consider buying a duo of Moto phones, here’s a great offer – you can now get an unlocked Moto Z Play at half price when you buy the Moto Z from Best Buy.

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