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You can earn extra $100 if you trade in your Galaxy Note 7 for another Galaxy smartphone

ByinAnnouncements | October 14, 2016

You can earn extra $100 if you trade in your Galaxy Note 7
It’s been an extremely busy month for Samsung, and all because of the ‘smoking hot’ Galaxy Note 7. Since the phone has been launched, due to battery issues, there was a danger that the device could overheat, burn or in extreme situations even catch fire and explode. Samsung acted responsibly and  recalled the Galaxy Note 7 from the market. Users had option to return their phones to stores and pick a new Note 7. However, apparently replacement Note 7s are not safe either and across the world we have hear about new accidents. At the moment Samsung shut down production of the phone and recalled all devices. The company apologized for the incident and urged customers to trade in Galaxy Note 7s for another Galaxy smartphone. If you do so, you can earn extra $100.

The Galaxy Note 7 is still not safe to use

The Galaxy Note 7 is dead. Samsung will pay you a hundred bucks if you stick to their brand and switch to a different Galaxy model.

You will get the $100 in the form of bill credit regardless of which Galaxy model you choose. Moreover, even if you have already returned the Note 7 and picked a new Galaxy phone, you will still get a reward of $75. Since the first exchange got you $25, the total will be $100. Good news is that Samsung is not going to discriminate users who will go for a different brand. If you do so, you will get $25 which is Samsung’s way of saying “we are sorry for the inconvenience of making you switch to a different phone and that we put you in danger.” Alternatively, you can opt for a full refund, which is not such a bad idea either.

The second recall will be the last – Samsung is not going to give the Note 7 a third chance and has already stopped production. It’s a wise decision putting safety first, since it’s still unclear what is exactly wrong with the device as company’s technicians couldn’t replicate the problem. Therefore, putting another batch on the market would be too risky. However, the whole commotion with the Note 7 will cost the manufacturer tons of money and probably more than a few customers which may mean some problems even for such giant as Samsung. Hence, to reduce the impact of the recall, the company is offering money to customers who decide to stick with the brand. As of now, the $100 reward for loyalty is available only to US customers, though Samsung is planning to offer similar incentives in other markets.

source: Samsung

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