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Cablevision announces new mobile Wi-Fi plan called Freewheel priced under $10 per month

ByinAnnouncements | January 26, 2015

FreeWheelWireless services market is so crowded nowadays that it’s safe to assume that everyone can find a suitable deal no matter how unconventional demands they have. If, however, for some reason you do not like any of the plans sold by major US carriers, there are plenty of other options to choose from. The latest offer comes from cable provider Cablevision which just announced a new mobile Wi-Fi plan called Freewheel priced under $9.95 monthly.

Cablevision Freewheel Wi-Fi Plan – Pros and Cons

FreeWheel Moto GThe Freewheel plan will go live at some point next month and will be available for just $9.95 per month for Cablevision’s Optimum Online customers. Everyone else will be able to sign up for the service for $29.95 monthly.

Either way, Freewheel users will get unlimited talk, text and data. At the beginning, the selection of compatible phones will be limited to only one device, but it’s pretty probable that Cablevision will add more handsets later on. The launch device for Freewheel is the first generation Moto G which the company will sell for $99.95 without any long term contracts. The phone will be preloaded with apps that automatically authenticate with any of the company’s hotspots.

Moreover, customers will have access to some 300,000 hotspots across the country including Wi-Fi access points from big cable companies like Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable as well as any other Wi-Fi network a user has access to. There is a little catch, though. Freewheel relies only on Wi-Fi and doesn’t allow any other form of connection. It means that in order to be able to make calls, send texts or use unlimited data, you need to be within the range of a Wi-Fi access point. In urban areas it shouldn’t be a problem, but while traveling users might have a hard time staying in touch.

The idea of using Wi-Fi for mobile data is not exactly new, so Cablevision didn’t actually reinvent the wheel. The thing is that most companies which offer this kind of service allow also cellular connectivity in case there is no Wi-Fi access point nearby, for instance Republic Wireless. Unfortunately, the Freewheel service relies solely on Wi-Fi. Costs are low, but you may find yourself unable to make a call at times. If you can live with that, Cablevision’s new plan sounds like a pretty awesome deal.

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