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Cablevision Freewheel cell phone service is now on sale

ByinAnnouncements | February 7, 2015

CablevisionIn late January, the New York-based cable provider Cablevision announced that it was going to try its hand at cell phone service. Even though the TV company didn’t mention any exact date, we knew that the service was scheduled for launch in early February. It seems that the company kept its word and the Freewheel cell phone service is now on sale.

Cablevision Freewheel Service

Freewheel Moto GCablevision Freewheel cell phone service is available for order via company online store and costs just $29.95 per month without any additional fees, overage charges, or any other charges for that matter. For this amount you will have access to unlimited talk, text and data. What’s more interesting, Optimum Online customers can purchase the service with over 60% discount, that is for $9.95 per month.

Freewheel is not available for any phone, though. At this moment the service is compatible with only one device, the Moto G, which can be bought directly from Freewheel site for $99.95. It’s very possible that in the future Cablevision will have more phones in its portfolio. The provider is also considering rolling out the service as a downloadable application that will work on other smartphones.

What sets Freewheel apart from other cell phone services is that it relies entirely on Wi-Fi. The most obvious advantage of this solution is much lower cost compared to cellular service. There is a catch, though. Since Freewheel doesn’t support cellular connectivity, you can get the service only if you are within range of a Wi-Fi spot. In other words, if you choose to spend the weekend on a field trip, it’s more than likely that your phone will be useless. Freewheel is available across the US; however, users in the New York tristate area can take advantage of additional 1.1 million Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots Cablevision provides.

Freewheel appears to be an interesting and cheap alternative to services offered by wireless carriers, but only for users who have constant access to Wi-Fi. It might not be such a good idea, if you travel often, since the service doesn’t allow cellular backup. Freewheel has been available for just a few hours so it’s way too early to debate about its future, but it seems like it has a chance to gain popularity in big cities mainly due to its low price.

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