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Soon you will be able to buy factory refurbished Galaxy phones directly from Samsung

ByinAnnouncements | August 22, 2016

Samsung is about to launch a new program
Prices of the brand new flagship phones can make your head spin, hence many users look for other purchase options. For example, you can wait for some sort of promotion or special deal, but it might be a long wait with no guarantee of a satisfying price. You can also choose to buy a used model from an independent seller but this method is not risk-free either. There’s also a third option which by many smartphone users is considered the best – buying refurbished devices. There are a bunch of places where you can find refurbished phones but if you are in the market for one of Samsung’s high-end handsets, soon you will be able to buy factory refurbished Galaxy phones directly from the manufacturer.

Samsung is about to launch a new recycling program, which will allow you to buy its premium Galaxy phones at more affordable prices if you don’t mind refurbished condition.

Samsung will sell only devices which are no older than one year
According to a person who seems to be familiar with Samsung’s plans, the Korean smartphone maker will launch its program some time next year, though no specific month was mentioned yet. The company apparently will have very strict rules as to what kind of phones can be accepted into the program – Samsung will sell only high-end devices – read: Galaxy – which are no older than one year, or to be more precise, those that were returned by customers who are on upgrade-every-year plan.

Refurbished phones by definition are not brand new, but in most cases you can’t tell that the handset was used. That’s because in order to be accepted into a refurbish program devices must meet certain requirements, that is they can’t have suffered any serious damage and must be fully functional. Such devices then have some of their parts (most often the battery and the case) replaced, are thoroughly tested and sold at significantly lower prices.

Speaking of prices, at the moment it’s unclear how high the discount on Samsung’s phone will be, though we can expect at least 50% off launch value. It’s also unknown in which countries the program will be available but the phones will most likely come from such markets as the US and South Korea.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the news yet, but if it’s true, and at the moment we have no reason to think it’s not, the program will certainly increase smartphone sales in countries where brand new high-end Galaxy phones are way beyond average customers’ reach, for example India.

source: Reuters

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