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Boost Mobile vs Metro PCS vs Cricket – which prepaid carrier has the best unlimited plan

ByinTips & Guides | August 19, 2017

Which prepaid carrier has the best unlimited plan

Noticed that your current data allotment in your plan isn’t enough but your monthly charges are higher and higher? If so, then you should take a closer look at unlimited plans. Don’t worry you don’t need to bind yourself with a long-term contract, as many prepaid carriers deliver their own unlimited plans today. Here’s a brief presentation of Boost Mobile, Cricket and Metro PCS unlimited plans. Let’s take a closer look to see which of these prepaid carriers offer the best unlimited plan.

Boost Mobile offer unlimited plan for just $50 per month

You don’t have to sign up for a 2-year contract any more to take advantage of unlimited plan. Boost Mobile, Metro PCS and Cricket Wireless, offer unlimited call, text and data plans. Let’s see which offer is the best.

Boost Mobile

To start from Boost Mobile, the carrier offers its unlimited plan for just $50 per month. In addition, within its latest Back to School Promo the subsidiary allows its customers to add up to five additional lines for $25 per each number. It’s surely a decent rate for unlimited 4G LTE, not even to mention several other benefits you can take advantage of when choosing the service. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no restrictions here.

First of all,  Boost Mobile will deprioritize your data in the case of network congestion. In practice, this means that your speeds may slow noticeably after your reach the limit of 23GB per month. Morover, the carrier also caps video streaming to 480p resolution quality, which sadly doesn’t look good on high-res screen panels so popular there days. Finally, the music streaming is also limited to 500kbps, while streaming cloud gaming is restricted to 2mbps.

Perhaps all the discussed restrictions seem to be within a tolerable range, but you need to ask yourself whether they fit your personal needs. The plan is certainly a good option for those who want unlimited data for less and don’t mind lower quality videos and who live near a big city as Boost Mobiles has a relatively limited coverage. In other words if you happen to live in a rural area you should look elsewhere.

Speaking of the add-on options, for $10 per month you can get an entertainment bundle. The package includes access to live TV and on-demand content from a wide selection of channels. What’s more, for that money you will also receive access to ‘CallWatch’ tech for scam alerts and the option of international calling, plus 8GB of hotspot data.

Metro PCS

Second on the list, Metro PCS is also offering a $50 unlimited 4G LTE data plan. Just like Boost Mobile, Metro PCS will also cap your video streaming to 480p, but the carrier will give you 10GB higher monthly limits. This means that they may throttle your speeds after you reach the limit of 32GB per month. Furthermore, another advantage here is that Metro PCS offers unlimited music streaming that doesn’t affect your high speed monthly data. In addition, the price also includes 8GB of hotspot data per month and a scam alert tech. Just as Boost Mobile the carrier also allows you to add a second unlimited phone line for just $25. Plus don’t forget that Metro PCS rely on T-Mobile’s network, which comes as a guaranty of decent coverage and super fast speeds.

Cricket Wireless offers the most expensive unlimited plan

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless offers the most expensive unlimited plan of the three. When choosing the carrier’s unlimited plan, you will have to pay $10 more than at two other service providers, or $5 more if you enroll for AutoPay. Except for throttling your speeds after exceeding 22GB per month, Cricket Wireless caps your LTE download speeds to 8Mbps, whereas upload speeds are restricted to 4Mbps. Unlike two other carriers, Cricket Wireless doesn’t offer hotspot, but it delivers the best coverage of the three. This means that you will benefit from 4G LTE access in more places.

Bottom line

Summing up, all three prepaid carriers offer almost identical unlimited plans. Charges and restrictions are similar no matter whether you port to Cricket, Boost or Metro PCS. The only thing to consider here is which of the three provides better coverage in your area. Perhaps T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T offer better unlimited data plans, but are these few extra perks worth significantly higher monthly charges? No matter how great the deal looks like on paper be sure to read all the fine print before you sign up.

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