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Boost Mobile is offering the same or more data for half the price for Metro PCS and Cricket customers

ByinSales & Special Offers | June 19, 2015

Boost Mobile
Even though carriers go out of their way to convince subscribers to stay with them for good, every once in a while a customer may get dissatisfied with the service and want to switch to a different network. If you are a Metro PCS or Cricket subscriber currently looking for a new mobile operator, Boost Mobile has a promotion that you may like. The carrier is now offering the same or more data for half the price for Metro PCS and Cricket customers.

Boost Mobile special deal dedicated Metro PCS and Cricket customers…

Boost Mobile Offer
Metro PCS and Cricket customers who port their number to Boost Mobile between now and July 20th will get a great reward. The carrier will charge only half of the usual price for the same or even more data. For example, Cricket asks $40 for 2.5GB of data and Metro PCS offers 2GB of data for the same price. However, users who switch to Boost Mobile now will be charged only $20 for 2.5GB of data. For $25 per month Boost customers will get 5GB of data, while Cricket and Metro PCS charge $50 for 5GB and 4GB of data, respectively. If you need even more data, you can opt in for the 10GB plan which for a limited time will cost you just $30. For comparison, Cricket customers pay $60 for the same amount of data.

It’s a limited time offer – users will get data for half the price for one year. After the promotional period ends, users will be put on a Boost Mobile plan that offers a comparable amount of monthly data. Some may feel disappointed that it’s not a permanent offer, but keep in mind that even if it’s just a year, the savings will substantial. You will be able to save between $240 and $360 during that time depending on which plan you choose.

Does the promotion sound familiar? It may, since Sprint has been marketing a similar deal but aimed at AT&T and Verizon subscribers. Now the carrier is extending the offer for its prepaid branch. It seems like a smart move, since users on prepaid plans often feel left out as postpaid subscribers are eligible for way more promotions. Are you going to take advantage of the deal?

source: Boost Mobile via Sprint

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