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Boost Mobile offers the cheapest option if you seek a truly unlimited data plan to stream videos, music and games

ByinAnnouncements | September 16, 2016

Boost Mobile offers the cheapest option
Carriers have been offering unlimited plans for a while now, however, in the vast majority of cases, “unlimited” unfortunately doesn’t apply to high-speed data. You can talk and text all you want, but when it comes to data, there is a cap. It’s starting to change, though. Some service providers are already offering “unlimited everything” plans and Boost Mobile is one of them. In fact, the network has the cheapest option if you seek a truly unlimited data plan to stream videos, music, and games.

Boost Mobile introduces a new Unlimited Unhook’d plan priced at $50 per month and including unlimited everything. There are a few restrictions, though.

Boost Mobile introduces a new Unlimited Unhook'd plan
Boost’s plan is called Unlimited Unhook’d and costs $50 per month for one line. For that price you get unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited data. The plan also includes 8GB of mobile hotspot use monthly and some interesting options such as calling, texting and data roaming for users who travel abroad often or have family or friends in other countries. You can sign up for a single line or opt for a family plan in which case second and more lines will cost you $30 per month per line. You can activate as many as five lines which will add up to $170 per month.

However, even though Unlimited Unhook’d includes unlimited data, it does have some limitations. If you go for this plan, you might want to know that video is limited to 480p+ resolution, music to 500Kbps, and gaming to 2Mbps. Also, Boost practices data prioritization during times of heavy network traffic which means that every now and then you may experience slower data speed. However, this inconvenience will affect only a small percentage of users. To be more precise, you may expect speeds to drop if you’re in the top 3% of data users who use more than 23GB of data in a single billing cycle. Don’t worry, though, as the restrictions are temporary and apply to one billing cycle – you begin next cycle with a clean slate.

Boost’s Unlimited Unhook’d plan is a part of the carrier’s “We Are Where You At” campaign which supports users pursuing their passions. The campaign will feature a series of ads starring artists and athletes such as hip-hop artist Desiigner, Latin-urban music duo Los Rakas, skateboarder Terry Kennedy, professional dancer Monica Douglas, and street artist and DJ Agana.

source: Boost Mobile

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