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Boost Mobile Galaxy s7 is now available through carrier’s online store and local dealers

ByinAnnouncements | March 11, 2016

Starting today the Galaxy S7 is available at Boost Mobile
Remember when few days ago we reported that Samsung Galaxy S7 will arrive to Boost Mobile on March 11th? Keeping its promise Boost Mobile has just confirmed that the Samsung’s recent flagship smartphone is already available via the carrier’s online and local stores. Offered in Black Onyx the Galaxy S7 can be bought contract-free for $649.99 excluding tax.

Galaxy s7 is now available through Boost Mobile store

Starting today the Galaxy S7 is available at Boost Mobile. Priced at $649.99 the phone can be purchased online and in-store.

Starting today, the Galaxy S7 is within your reach through Boost Mobile. If you want to get one for yourself you need to prepare to spend $649.99, which is the phone’s regular pricing. So far there’s no word about any instalment plans allowing you to pay off the device in several monthly payments. As for the color options, Boost doesn’t give its customers many alternatives since the Galaxy S7 is sold only in Black Onyx variant.

If you opt for the bigger and more expensive Galaxy S7 Edge, you will have to wait a bit longer or even to visit your local electronics retailer since so far Boost Mobile didn’t confirm that it will add the device to its portfolio. However, it’s still possible that the Galaxy S7 Edge may arrive to the Sprint’s prepaid subsidiary at later date.

In case it somehow skipped your memory, the biggest difference between the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge lies in the latter’s double curved display and bigger size-factor. The round edges of the Galaxy S7 Edge’s screen panel enhance the handset’s functionality by offering quick access to notification, contacts and favorite apps. When it comes to other specs they are almost identical and include water-resistant body case labeled with IP68 military rating and microSD card slot, features that we couldn’t find in the phones’ predecessors. Except for that the Galaxy S7’s biggest selling points include world’s first dual-pixel main camera sensor, slim and highly-attractive body design and an extremely sharp 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.

As usual Boost Mobile guarantees free shipping nationwide, which undoubtedly is a nice bonus. Additionally, when porting to Boost Mobile you will receive a free activation, 7-day phone return policy warranty and you will be able to keep your existing number.

source: Boost Mobile

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