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BLU launches 7-inch phone for cheap, meet the new BLU Studio 7.0 priced only $149 off contract

ByinAnnouncements, Phones Without Contract | December 19, 2014

Studio 7.0 PhoneMobile manufacturers seem to push the limits of how big a mobile device can be to be still considered a smartphone. We’ve already witnessed devices like the 5.96-inch Nexus 6 and 6.44-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra debuting on the market. And if you consider them colossal, what would you say about the sporting 7-inch phone for cheap, and to be more specific – the BLU Studio 7.0 priced $149 off contract? This budget-friendly device is simultaneously the biggest smartphone and the smallest tablet currently available on the market, combining entry-level specs and low price tag. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to carry two separate devices, one for phone calls, other for surfing the net.

7-inch BLU Studio 7.0 Android Phone

BLU Studio 7.0 WhiteThe affordable price tag of $149 for the unlocked phone means that the upcoming device is rather a low-end product. The question is how low end? Although the device is reported to sport a large 7-inch display, it will feature a poor quality 1024x600p resolution, whereas 720p sounds like the bare minimum in this case. Why to equip a device with such a large display if it can’t deliver an appropriate quality of viewing experience?

Moving on, the BLU Studio 7.0 is powered by a dual-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz that is combined with 1MB RAM (no, it’s not a joke, this information can be found in the manufacturer’s official promo announcement, though it’s pretty obvious that they meant 1GB RAM) and 8GB of expandable up to 64GB via microSD cards built-in storage.

In terms of optics, the phone offers its future users nothing more but a 5-megapixel main unit and far less than decent 2-megapixel front-facing one. The connectivity package includes WiFi and Bluetooth, but quite unsurprisingly there’s no LTE support. Taking into account the mentioned parameters, we should have no doubt that the device’s main selling point is its unique size.

Summing up, the BLU Studio 7.0 chances to gain ground are equal zero. Taking into consideration the fact that phablets carrying much more advanced specs aren’t a highly welcomed devices on the market, how much interest a handset like this can evoke? The harsh truth is that the device offers its users nothing more except the big bulky and unhandy size. Seriously, who would want to get such a device except people with budget cut to the bone and those who want a hybrid of a phone and tablet but don’t care about the specs?

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  1. The newest BLU phone offers 7-inch screen and 4G LTE speeds

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