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BLU Products has Cyanogen phone in the works without pre-loaded Google services

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 25, 2015

Blu ProductsIt’s not a secret that the designers of Cyanogen OS want their Android-based operating system to be a serious competitor to Google’s Android itself. So far, a great number of smartphones running Cyanogen are up for your grabs. For instance OnePlus One and the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ simply run the custom version of Android, which is packed with pre-loaded Google apps. To change this state of things, Cyanogen in partnership BLU Products is about to launch a Cyanogen phone with no pre-loaded Google services nor apps.

BLU Cyanogen Google-free phone

Cyanogen Operating SystemBLU Products is a budget phone maker famous for delivering pretty decent and affordable Android phones. Now the manufacturer will be responsible for launching the very first Cyanogen Google-free phone.

At this point, we still know little about the forthcoming smartphone, perhaps except the fact that it is reported to debut later this year with a variety of app replacing the popular Google suite. In other words, it will be the first phone introduced to the US market with no pre-installed Play Store, Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube or other apps from Google.

Naturally, there are many ideas and speculations concerning the apps replacing those from Google. According to the most probable app suite option, the new BLU smartphone will use Amazon’s app store for downloading new apps and games and Opera’s web browser with Bing search support for surfing the net. Google Maps will be replaced by Nokia Here for maps and navigation. Cloud storage will be allegedly delivered by Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive, whereas Spotify will take care for music. Additionally, Microsoft’s Cortana is rumored to be the most likely choice for the Google Now replacement.

Of course, the upcoming BLU phone won’t be the first phone working on Android-base operating system without pre-loaded Google Store. Frankly speaking, many Chinese mobile makers didn’t install Google Store on their phones and tablets. But their products target home market of China where Google doesn’t have as strong positions as it represents in the US or Europe.

Why would Cyanogen Inc. want to create and Android-based version of operating system that won’t rely on Google apps and services? Well, as in most such cases, the reason is pretty obvious – money. On the other hand, Cyanogen Inc. claims that their want to deliver a fully customizable device, going far beyond fixed standards provided by Google, like for example controlling Spotify with a voice command. Surely, at this point no pure Android phone allows for a such function, leaving pretty huge field to Cyanogen initiatives to explore.

To learn something more about the BLU’s new smartphone with Cyanogen without pre-loaded Google services we will have to wait a bit. Time will show whether at least some of our assumptions regarding the apps replacement turn out to be accurate.

source: Phandroid

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