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Blocks modular smartwatch will let you build exactly the smart watch you want

ByinSmartwatches | January 11, 2015

Blocks Modular SmartwatchSome time ago Blocks Wearables officially announced their plan to construct their own modular smartwatch dubbed Blocks. This week, showcasing the Blocks prototypes at CES 2015, the manufacturer announces that the very first fully-customizable smartwatch, which will allow its users to build exactly the smart watch they want, is going to hit the market sooner than anyone expected. If you feel like wanting to create your very own exceptional smartwatch, let’s check what exactly Blocks Wearables is going to offer us.

Build the smartwatch you want with Blocks

Blocks SmartwatchGiving us the preview of what the Blocks will look like, the manufacturer emphasized that essentially the heart of Block is the watch face. This basic module packs most of the hardware specs, including processor, battery, Bluetooth connection and several sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer, simultaneously housing the screen. There will be probably available two different face form factors, rectangular and circular. But this is just the beginning of the customization fun.

After choosing the face sporting core specs, you may attach other features to your smartwatch through links bonded together via headphone jack in the watch wristband. Each module houses an additional component, like for example extended battery, heart rate monitor, microphone, SIM port, or a cellular radio. Additionally, there will be allegedly a special module enabling contactless payments, but so far the company haven’t presented how it will work in practice.

Interestingly enough, despite really good relations with Intel and the fact that the prototypes of Blocks base on Intel’s Edison chip, Blocks Wearables says they aren’t sure if they will stay faithful to the Intel processor. They suggest that the final product can come equipped with other processing unit like for instance an ARM-based Qualcomm chip.

As for functionality, in this scope the Blocks will resemble the Pebble smartwatches, which means it will let you receive notifications from your phone, control audio and monitor your physical activity parameters.

Block Wearables is planning to make a Kickstarter campaign in June to raise necessary funds, and if everything goes according to the plan the Blocks modular smartwatch will be available by the end of 2015. Speaking of pricing, the basic watch face will go on sale for something round $150 and modules are said to cost from $20 to $40. Moreover, the company promises to offer ready to wear complete smartwatches packing various capability levels with prices rating from $200 to $300.

source: Blocks

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