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BlackBerry working on Kopi, apparently company decided to stick to low-end QWERTY-equipped phones

ByinLeaks & Rumors | September 26, 2013

Blackberry KopiIt is no secret that BlackBerry is having serious problems. The Canadian manufacturer is trying every possible solution to remain on the market but it looks like the company is loosing one battle after another. In an attempt to win new customers BlackBerry released its first ever all-touch smartphone, the Z10. However, not only did the device not bring the expected profits and but it generated a $900 million loss. Following this blow, BlackBerry apparently decided to stick to QWERTY-equipped phones.

Blackberry Kopi QWERTY BB 10.2.1 Smartphone

Blackberry Kopi Black and WhiteLeaked photos reveal an unknown BlackBerry phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard placed below the screen. Codenamed Kopi, the device undoubtedly will be headed to the lower end of the market. In terms of design, the phone resembles the Q5 with its unassuming screen and basic keyboard.

The BlackBerry Kopi apparently has the model number SQC100-1 and runs 10.2.1 version of the BB10 platform. Rumor has it that the phone will find itself below the Q5 price level.

Sources report that the BlackBerry Kopi is going to be powered by a decent processor, most likely faster that the Q5. The handset is also expected to feature a removable battery of unknown capacity.

BlackBerry is taking every possible measure to save as much money as it can and for this reason, the Kopi is said to lack LTE connectivity. There is no telling how customers will take to BlackBerry’s new offering. The company has some loyal customers, but do they really need another low-end phone? We will see when the Kopi hits the market.

source: BGR

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