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BlackBerry now offers unlocked Q10 and Z10 without contract directly from Shop BlackBerry store

ByinPhones Without Contract | September 30, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Without ContractThere is always a way to find an unlocked phone if really need one. But why complicate things if you can grab a SIM-free device right from the manufacturer’s online store? That is apparently what BlackBerry thought when it started offering unlocked Q10 and Z10 via its official online BlackBerry store in the US.

Unlocked BlackBerry 10 Phones

Shop Blackberry Q10The all-touch BlackBerry Z10 is priced at $449. The QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry Q10, on the other hand, is selling for $549. Based on our research you can buy the phones $100 cheaper if you decide to shop from third-party vendors. Both phones are available in black and white color options and are compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T and pre-paid GSM networks.

BlackBerry devices have always been aimed at a very specific group of users, namely business users. With more and more smartphone makers including business-oriented features in their phones, BlackBerry is gradually losing its popularity. The company’s first touch screen-only device, the Z10, along with a new version of BlackBerry OS was expected to bring the brand back to its long-lost leading position in the business sector. That did not happen, though.

Recently BlackBerry reported that Z10 generated almost a 1 billion dollar loss, and the Q10 sales results are also not as good as expected. With customers losing interest in BlackBerry phones, carriers have no other option but to stop offering these devices. T-Mobile already removed the BB10 phones from its offer and Sprint is about to make the same decision. Selling the Z10 and Q10 unlocked via its online store might be the smartest move to help push the Blackberry 10 phones to customers.

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