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BlackBerry Q10 release date and pricing in the US and Canada revealed

ByinAnnouncements | April 25, 2013

Coming Soon Blackberry Q10If you are waiting for some news about the upcoming BlackBerry Q10, we have a fresh set of details regarding expected release time and pricing. BlackBerry confirmed that in the US the phone will go on sale at the end of May, though no specific date was mentioned. As expected, customers in Canada, where the company is based, will be able to enjoy the handset a little earlier. The device will be available there starting May 1st.

BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone – Pricing

Q10 BlackberryThe BlackBerry Q10 will be offered by all four major carriers, that is AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. As for wallet-related issues, the price is set at $249.99 with a two-year service agreement. That makes the Q10 one of the most expensive phones, surpassing such flagship devices as the iPhone 5, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Carriers are not obliged to sell the handset at this exact price, so chances are that they may prepare some kind of special deal or promotion. If so, customers will be able to purchase the device at a more budget-friendly price, at least for a limited time.

Given BlackBerry’s current situation, the pricing level seems puzzling. One possible explanation is that the Q10 is not intended for a wide range of customers. In fact, it appears that the company is targeting a very specific groups of business clients. With thicker wallets than your average user, they will be more willing to pay a few extra dollars in exchange for the comfort of using a physical keyboard on a premium smartphone. It seems logical, especially since a choice of phones with physical keyboard and of comparable quality is rather limited these days.

source: Bloomberg

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