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BlackBerry Prague to be a low-end, all-touch Android phone

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 20, 2015

Recently the whole community has been buzzing with rumors saying that Blackberry is working on its first Android-running smartphone. Dubbed Venice the handset was allegedly to hit the market in November. However, if to believe the latest reports, the Venice may not operate on the Google’s famous OS at all. But it doesn’t mean that the Canadian manufacturer give up their plans on Android handset and instead it will launch a low-end, all-touch Android phone codenamed Prague.

BlackBerry Prague Android Phone – What to expect.

Blackberry Phone with Android Lollipop
No matter how weird it may sound, but BlackBerry seems to work on a smartphone that won’t base on the company’s own BB10 operating system. Codenamed Prague, the phone will be the manufacturer’s debut in Android environment. Although earlier leaks suggested that the BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone will be a device with slider QWERTY keyboard, the recent rumors, on the other hand, clearly state that it will be a full-touch handset, having design language similar to the BlackBerry Z3, and have low-end specs.

When it comes to the release date, the Prague is expected to become available sometime in August. But don’t get excited yet. The latest reports mention that the device will be an offer targeting at emerging markets, which is a popular place for manufacturers to move low-end smartphones. At this point, we can’t say whether the phone will be accessible in other markets. Naturally, all the information discussed today are nothing more than unconfirmed speculations that should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Unfortunately, so far we still don’t know exact hardware of the Prague, and we’re not one hundred percent sure if the device will eventually run Android. However, in this ocean of doubts one thing is pretty certain in the modern world where hacking is a real threat it would be great to see the first Android smartphone equipped with a high-quality security system BlackBerry handsets are known for.

source: N4BB

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